Friday, 17 June 2016

Two events that should shock the world.

1. Torture US style. 

Yes it is true, it can take many years’ even decades to get to the truth, to get justice for those persecuted, tortured etc.

It took the second world war to bring the Nazi criminals to justice, Israel spent years locating and bringing to justice one way or another those who had tortured and murdered Jews and others on a massive scale.

If you consider they were correct to do so…then you must also feel that others who ignore the law and officially sanctioned torture, murder and selective political assignation should also be made to pay the price.

If you do then you must be pleased that at last there are US citizens brave enough to stand up and report on the clear evidence that the US has conducted mass torture on innocent so-called prisoners of war [POW’s] and just plain innocent people.

Watch this shocking report on how the US treats its illegally held so-called POW’s. If it does not shock you, then you sure have been media hardened toward the US and our governments treatment of innocent people, we should not forget that NZ troops handed over individuals to be tortured…and the evidence is clear, ‘we knew exactly what we were doing! Go to:   

We must not forget that GW Bush led the reintroduction of torture by the US on an official scale…I’ve no doubt they did it anyway…but he formalised the behaviour…he was without doubt an secret admirer of the Nazi organisations such as the GESTAPO etc.

What is ironic to me is the absolute hypocrisy of calling Iraqi reaction to being attacked [Invasion of Iraq etc.] ‘Islamic terrorism’, while at the same ignoring and supporting Israeli and Christian backed attacks as individuals nut cases acting insanely…can Israel be considered a nut case?  
MP Jo Cox murdered by Christian NAZI racist terrorist.
We have just learned that a British Labour MP Jo Cox was gunned down by a right-winger Thomas Mair.  The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center has revealed that Mair is a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. He notes Mair’s attack comes on the first anniversary of when self-declared white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine people in the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.
Jo Cox MP died last Thursday when she was stabbed and shot in her district. Jo Cox was a 41-year-old mother of two who worked at Oxfam before being elected as a Labour MP last year. She was known for her passionate support for Syrian refugees and was a member of Labour Friends of Palestine. Her death comes just a week before the major Brexit vote -- when British voters will decide whether the country should stay in the European Union. Cox was a vocal advocate for Britain to stay in the EU. During the attack, eyewitnesses said, her assassin, Thomas Mair, shouted "Britain first" – as he stabbed Jo Cox in his gutless and cowardly attack. Will he be called a Right-wing Christian evil terrorist…or simply be referred to as a mental defective individual acting alone…read [watch] the following to learn more:


Anonymous said...

As expected the PR spin of the killer being a loner has started...this from Fairfax media proves the point so clearly...

Anonymous said...


Did you pick up on the piece I sent a day or two ago in which the writer characterised the FBI as a terrorist grup in a podcast? Same sort of reasoning as came from Dubya.
If you can find a copy do read the book written by David Hicks the Aussie who was incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay having been railroaded there by CIA operatives. He had no part in the war in Iraq and his downfall seemed to come as a result of his conversion to Islam.
The horrible little Rodent Howard full knew his circumstances and was too busy crawling up Dubya’s Fundamental Orifice, to stick up for one of his own citizens!