Saturday, 5 November 2016

David and Goliath situation in Israel

On Saturday the 5th of November at the Public Library the film 5 Broken Cameras was shown.
Its message was simple and straight forward. It told the story of the suppression of the Palestinian people via the camera of a villager living on the West Bank.

It was both heroic and sad, because the odds against which the local villagers have to contend are so overwhelming. It’s a sort of David and Goliath situation. Stones against bullets rubber and steel, teargas against placards, Barb-wire and concrete blocks against bare hands; these were the weapons being used in this life and death struggle in what was once the heart of the Palestinian nation.

When the British in their attempt to get rid of their radical European bred Zionists created the Balfour Declaration and gave away their protectorate to a bunch of terrorists they knowingly created a festering sore of corruption and brutality and called it ‘Israel’ and from that moment the Middle East became a killing ground for all sorts of dictatorships. And even today the British still supply weapons to both Israel and Saudi Arabia as they commit mass murder on scale of incomprehensible cruelty.

The map below shows just how illegal the Israeli nation is, born through manipulation and British hatred of all things Jewish, supported and armed by billions of US dollars, given the bomb by both British and US arms dealers, it is the stepping stone to a major war in the Middle East if Clinton or Trump are elected. This from: Leslie Bravery in the TDB.
 In 2013, Israel became the first country to withhold co-operation from a United Nations review of its human rights practices, in spite of efforts by the United States and others to encourage it to participate. It is the only country that stands perennially on the Human Rights Council’s agenda and more than half the resolutions passed by the Council have had to deal with Israel’s relentless military Occupation of East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, together with its inhumane blockade and periodic blitzes of the Gaza Strip. However, a statement by the New Zealand Government refers to its “strategic co-operation” with Israel and the wish to continue developing “this special relationship”. Last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully even went so far as to side with Israel over its hijacking, in international waters, of a defenceless vessel crewed by women, one of whom was a New Zealander.

After the film a discussion was held regarding just what Zealand can do to distance itself from both the Israeli regime and the US and British power play in the region. And it was during this part that possibilities were shared.

NZ has just signed an extremely racist deal with regards to film production…that should be cancelled.

NZ treats the people of Palestine differently to people of Israel in the matter of issuing a visa:

Israel acts against our nuclear policy supposedly supported by all our political parties. Israel refuses to sign the world wide nuclear non-proliferation treaty: this from Leslie Bravery

In 2015, The Economist estimated that Israel had 80 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Israel’s US-supplied F-15 and F-16 aircraft can deliver these weapons anywhere in the Middle East. The Israeli Air Force has twice destroyed the nuclear power programmes of other countries in the Middle East: in Iraq (1981) and Syria (2007). France (the state that sent its terrorists to blow up the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, causing the death of a photographer) provided the early Israeli missile programme with the technology for what is now known as the Jericho medium-range missile system.

The discussion was robust and I was most impressed by calmness and listening skills of those present many of which were without doubt from Palestine. While it’s true that NZ has at the odd time voted against the wishes of the US and the western powers in the Middle East. Our current government seems to bend over backwards to kiss their backsides. 

Murray McCully and the PM’s behaviour over the Saudi sheep deal and the Israeli film deal is clear evidence that they are willing to put aside principles of both solidarity and justice in the pursuit of money and praise from the powerful. These are signs of both weakness and stupidity that we could do without.
If you feel that it is time to stand up and be counted go to the sites below and learn more.  
PS In NZ right now there are a bunch of weapon manufactures including Israel selling their weapons of death…the government has welcomed them and permits the NZ Super fund to invest in these self-made hypocrites who need wars to keep them in business. So much for justice and freedom for all.


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