Saturday, 29 October 2016

Max the real man or Key copycat.

When does a boy become a man?
Is it when he reaches a certain age?
Could it be when he gets his first full time employment?
Maybe it’s when he first breaks free of his parents’ apron strings?
These questions have been in the public eye of late because of the behaviour of the Prime Minister’s son Max Key.
Max Key recorded himself shouting "real men ride women" at some cyclists as he drove past them in Parnell, near Key's home where he still lives with his parents.
This caused a bit of a stir…Nadine Chambers-Ross wrote an item on the subject of Max Key and women cyclists: She wrote,
“Never mind the overt sexism, or the homophobia. Never mind the blatant disregard for the law forbidding using your phone while driving. The First Son's cat call about what a "real man" rides reveals something else entirely. 
You might well wonder how a guy who has not yet cut the apron or (let's be honest) purse strings is an authority on anything, let alone what constitutes a real bloke. But Max Key has actually highlighted our national guilty pleasure: bagging cyclists.
We love discussing the fury induced by being stuck behind well-padded, bouncing lycra-clad buttocks riding two or three abreast. We're apoplectic with rage watching a cyclist switch seamlessly from a being a road user to a pedestrian the second the lights go red. We hate them so much the backs of buses must be emblazoned with images reminding us that cyclists are, in fact, human. 
I think it's high time we got over our collective loathing of cyclists – and not solely because I've reached max Max Key.
I know they can be arrogant. But perhaps they wear their arrogance like armour because they aren't afforded the arrogance implied by a tonne or two of Beemer surrounding them”. To read more go to:
Nadine’s words: ‘You might well wonder’ got me thinking a little bit deeper about Max’s strange behaviour. I’m not like Max at all, at twenty-one I had left home and was serving overseas with the army in Malaysia. Social media and Main stream media for that matter, gives a celebrity style coverage to Max simply because he is his father’s son.    
Now Max has a history of acting strange, firstly he likes to dress up as maybe a US tough guy who likes a fag or two:
Max Key loves a fag or two.
Max Key thinks "real men" smoke cigarettes and ride women, but this should not be unexpected based parental behaviour learned no doubt from his father’s examples over the years.

It can’t be easy for a teenager living in the Key mansion, financially supported to please every whim he decides on and wants. I mean the mansions so big that he would hardly be noticed unless he did something outrageous. 

His older sister was doing outrageous things in Paris in regard to undressing etc. so maybe he felt he had to follow suit.

Most normal Kiwi teenagers are too busy helping Mom and Dad in various activities around the house, like lawn mowing, gardening and other household reoccurring tasks. At least for me that was the case…I earned my pocket money in this fashion plus after school work at the local poultry farm whereas I imagine Max has his own credit card with a few thousand top up available at any given point…

Now as to the yelling out “Real men ride women not bikes”, maybe he was simply following his dad’s advice about being a ‘Real’ man:
Do you remember when Max’s dad was busy taking the mickey out of David Cunliffe for David’s apology to woman?
Max’s dad even had a ‘T’ shirt printed; I wonder if he gifted one to Max at the time…maybe Max was wearing it when shouted out the sexist and idiotic remarks. 

For Max to meekly and cheerfully heed his dad’s advice as a financially dependent son, would not be unusual, a sort of a ‘chip off the old block’ syndrome. So proving to his dad that his maleness was real was best displayed by being photographed on the beach…with a female riding him rather than he riding her…I wonder if she rides a bike. 

At this point while writing this I felt a sympathetic moment for wee Max, it must be hard for a son to accept his father’s moral standards without question. Because it’s not as if his dad’s standards were high in the sky and beyond reach.
Do you recall the Pony-gate affair, where dad without consent just loved pulling a young woman’s pony tail, it was a shocker no matter how you looked at it for it had deep sexual connotations, it was washed aside by quick PR activity and lot of help from Dad’s friends at the Herald, Cameron Slater and other somewhat shady character’s best left unnamed. 

Maybe it was this event that lead Max next to try being a woman, you should note that Max never adopted a pony tail, maybe just maybe he was letting his father know, that he couldn’t pull this young woman’s hair. A sort of a psychology 101 lesson to his dad to keep his hands off me: Maybe his dad took more notice of that than he did of his wife’s command to stop that behaviour at the local coffee bar, who knows.
Max dreams on Air Force One.
Max of course gets to accompany his dad on Air Force One, a sort of a PR clip-on and media attraction. Maybe it is proving all too much for him. But let’s not forget he is twenty-one and not in training or education so maybe he is registered as unemployed, and maybe he is also receiving an unemployed benefit, or his dad might be employing him as a political cadet of sorts, no doubt on a ninety day trial period. The possibilities are endless. Let us all hope that one day soon wee Max comes of age breaks free from his father’s odd values. States freely and openly that he his untying the chain, developing thoughts of his own…growing up in other words…and proves this by considered behaviour like treating women cyclists as human beings and closing his mouth so the wind stops blowing his tongue about.

Key family takes a selfie or two.

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