Thursday, 23 March 2017

Some background to our new HC in London

These powerful words appeared in a blog: The lies referred to are those spun by Helen Clark and John Key.
“All these lies were used to justify the longest ever deployment of New Zealand troops overseas (12 years) by successive Labour and National governments. They sent New Zealanders to risk their lives defending corrupt regimes run by warlords and drug barons. This ended in tragedy for several New Zealand soldiers along with tens of thousands of Afghani civilians and their families – killed by foreign invaders which included New Zealand SAS troops.
We were there because the US wanted us there to help support their plans for economic and military global dominance.
So we share a significant chunk of responsibility for the violence and chaos resulting from the invasion and occupation
Our troops behaved badly from the outset by handing over “suspects” they captured to American forces who tortured and often murdered their captives and despite the supposed bravery of our SAS troops their spineless leader Jerry Mataparae (since appointed governor general and now High Commissioner in London) never had the courage to insist on Geneva Convention treatment for people they handed over to the US.
One New Zealand SAS soldier was quoted as saying “we sort of knew what would happen to the prisoners, Americans being Americans”.
If any New Zealander has blood on their hands from Afghanistan it is Jerry Mateparae.
The revelations in “Hit and Run” must be investigated by our government so New Zealand can make some recompense for the tragedy of our involvement in Afghanistan.
Facing up is the first step.

After reading the above you might like to consider the rapid rise and rise of the then Defence Chief Jerry Mataparae,[pictured] he became the boss of the GCSB but resigned after a very short period so that John Key could move his friend and school mate Ian Fletcher in to the role so as to carry out mass surveillance processes against New Zealanders.
Then good old Jerry became Governor General and now he is the High Commissioner in London. Is this simply accidental, or was it planned after the events of the village revenge raids in Afghanistan which have now made the headlines because of the investigative abilities of both Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson
We know that when the then Minister of Defence Wayne Mapp phoned the PM to get consent for the raid that General [Mataparae] was present.

The Book Hit and Run states that Mataparae was present in the operations control centre and observed the whole event as it took place…if he knew what actually took place and assisted the SAS and Defence to instigate a cover-up operation, this would or could give him a sure pathway to future employment prospects. By the same token it would give the PM a tool by which to manipulate the Defence Force Chief. 
This of course may not have
been the case, and if it wasn’t, then Jerry Mataparae was simply very lucky indeed. Think about it, he resigns which lets John Key using very ‘unusual’ processes to recruit his buddy Ian Fletcher [pictured] as CGSB chief and becomes Governor General. Was Jerry Mataparae asked / forced to resign from that key position after only a few months.

This is a question worth asking in all seriousness because it leads to other questions.

It is often said, that one lie leads to another lie. I wonder if that was the case. That thought grows stronger when one considers that Key resigned around the same time as Mataparae was appointed as High Commissioner to London.

Maybe it was just a lucky break for good old tough guy Jerry Mataparae boss of the SAS and simply he was innocently moved around by the then PM to suit his strategic goals…who knows but it has a ring to it. If true it has a very disturbing echo to it. It stinks of rewarding unbecoming behaviour, manipulation of the worst kind. I hope it’s not true. Honour is not simply a word, it’s an behaviour.

The Americans once had a President who said, “I’m not a Crook”, the American didn’t believe him and threw him on the scrap heap of history. 


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