Saturday, 8 April 2017

Who is Next

Trumps popularity ratings fall to below 32%, so he bombs an empty air field in Syria on behalf of yet another lot of civilians’ murdered by Assad or the rebels, or the Russians or even the Americans remembering that they have a habit of bombing hospitals, schools.
Any way Senator Marco Rubio is a Republican Religious nut case who stood for the nomination for President on behalf of the Republican Party…as we are all aware dear pink rinse Donald Trump got [brought] the nomination and won the position via the manipulation of the voting system…

all that is history now, it’s funny, but deadly representative of today’s political stupidity. Religious nutter Rubio made the statement printed below: Read it carefully and you’ll see what an idiot this bible thumping twit actually is:  
Somehow this born-again wacky Senator ‘Salutes the bravery and skill of the men and woman of the US armed forces who conducted this mission” beat that for utter crap…what the hell is brave about sitting thousands of miles away in the absolute protection of a Missile ship,,, Do you have to be brave to use a computer as you fire your missiles at a target thousands of miles away…and judging by past indications, accidentally miss the so-called targets and hit instead a hospital or a shopping centre, or even a school full of children. There was no guts required to pull the trigger, therefor no bravery was needed, just a NAZI like devotion to killing on command. I’ve no doubt it took some skill to operate the computers etc and I would imagine that the criminal individuals who did most likely learned their killing skills by firing the drones that have now murdered thousands of innocent people.
Remember that under US law what these brave men and woman service people did was a war crime, because the President has no authority to declare war…why has no military person stood up to tell the President that without the correct and legal authority we cannot fire our weapons. Now that would have been brave…that would have been heroic…

Our weirdo Rubio suggests that Donald Trump will stop Assad from committing war crimes…yeah right… But who the hell is going to stop the US from continuing to commit war crimes, in Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Egypt, and Pakistan. Who is going to bring Bush, Clinton, Obama, Blair etc. to trial for their crimes against humanity? It would seem that no one in the US military establishment has the guts or the ability to stand up for justice…it would so seem that no one in the US Justice system has the fortitude to confront the new Fascist that rules the white house.

We here in New Zealand have every reason to be concerned that out own politicians lack the fortitude and back bone to say no to the new American dictatorship…but with twenty years of cringing to the mighty dollar kissing the backsides of various US Presidents. With the last ten years of sharing in the crimes being committed in the Middle East by the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, we lack even the national courage to investigate our own military behaviour…so much for bravery…

I’m not sure if this is the turning point, or if we’ve all gone too far down the corruption path of the US empire…that seems to be rotting the core of future humanity… 


Anonymous said...


Interesting comment. It proves Trump is a megalomaniac, out of control lunatic. His action with the rocket attack on Syria has been shown to be completely illegal and should have had the support of the Congress, before any action was contemplated. ‘All Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.’
I don’t have any confidence in the thought that our remote location will in any way preserve us from the coming holocaust. It seems the predictions made in Neville Shute’s 1957 book ‘On the Beach’ could well come to pass. It was Shute in an earlier book who described the possibility of the later disaster that overtook the BAOC Comet in 1954, which disintegrated in the sky over the Mediterranean Sea as a result of metal fatigue. It seems his earlier book ‘No Highway’ published in 1948 raised the possibility of such a disaster, which brought about the idea that his writings could hold a degree of prophecy in their pages. If the events of ‘On The Beach’ prove to be prophetic they will have been a long time coming, nearly seventy years! If you haven’t read the book, it described a scenario in which the yanks attacked Russia with nuclear weapons which brought about a corresponding attack, from Russia, resulting in the Northern hemisphere being completely blacked out in a radioactive cloud which later spread to the rest of the world. The title referred to the last people standing on a beach in Australia awaiting their demise.
I don’t know if you read the X22 Report; it’s author reads widely of current events and reaches his own conclusions on where those reports are likely to take us. In his latest he raises the issue that not all of the missiles launched on Syria last week hit their target. It seemed as though a number of missiles never hit the mark raising the question of where are they? The strange thing is that the facility remains operational. What does that say about the effectiveness of the attack?
There is still lingering doubt about 9/11 that it was a deliberate action to enable the Bush attack on Iraq. The yanks have a long history of dreaming up fake scenarios to support their megalomania. The North-woods incident was one such case, in which the events of 9/11 seemed to have some uncanny similarity.
It is very bad that a country should declare war on its own people to support some fantasy of its leaders.
The latest X22 report raises the possibility of another war in which the yanks will take on the rest of the world. With a financial collapse coming closer every day, another war becomes a distinct possibility and an excuse to get the printing presses running to provide the necessary ‘funny money’ to finance such a scenario.
We live in interesting times!

Peter G

Lai Klee said...

Interesting indeed.
I wonder how many other "defence partners," apart from New Zealand and Australia were told in advance.Interesting how our puppet politicians and those in Australia supported the attack based on somebody's "say so." Where is the proof that it was Syria that did it? Supposedly Russia and Syria were given 1 hour's notice of the attack which, it appears was more than enough time to "vacate" the air base.
Your correspondent remarks "In his latest (X22 Report) he raises the issue that not all of the missiles launched on Syria last week hit their target. It seemed as though a number of missiles never hit the mark raising the question of where are they? The strange thing is that the facility remains operational. What does that say about the effectiveness of the attack?" It is not a question "about the effectiveness of the attack?", it is more a question about the real purpose of the "attack."Have a listen to ths "" for another take on what happened.
Geoff. Waterhouse