Saturday, 29 April 2017

Massive Protest Marches in US

‘Marching for climate, jobs and justice change’.

I’ve been watching for hours the ‘Climate Change’ march and sit it in Washington DC, where tens of thousands marched in protest at the lack of action by the US over climate change policy. It was thought that throughout the US hundreds of thousands were marching at the same time.

Amy Goodman from the ‘Democracy Now’ broadcast team covered fully the start of the march in Washington…it took about three hours for the protesters to pass where she was interviewing various people on the issues which the march was about. Ironically it was one of the hottest days ever in Washington DC 93 degrees…

Amy interviewed two very young people one seven and the other nine and their stories were clear and concise. Most noticeable were the huge numbers of young people and women taking part. Based on the signs being carried they were asking Donald Trump [the pussy grabbing one] ‘Are you afraid of science’. Another sign read, ‘Greens don’t agonise they organise’ and I hope that message is being shared here in New Zealand too.

Of course the massive turnout proved without doubt that the US government now led by extremely rich climate deniers in the pay of the various industries involved in mining etc. who are manipulating the science to suit their cheque books are having a hard time convincing an intelligent and growing number of concerned US citizens that they are nothing more than a bunch of crooks.

We here in New Zealand are also faced with the same dilemma with our upcoming election choices, while we at this stage are not contemplating pulling out of the Paris Accord as is Donald Trump, where the biggest climate wrecker in history has put in charge of climate change the fat fingers of the United States biggest climate change denier. We here in New Zealand simply mouth the words while doing nothing in real terms. Trump has vowed that he would make "a big decision" on the historic Paris climate agreement in the next two weeks. Top Trump officials are divided about whether or not the United States should stay in or exit that agreement.

New Zealand’s own Donald Trump Winston Peters is pushing the anti-immigration line and not really commenting on climate change because he has no policy on the issue and will continue down the populist route to gain provincial support. At least [I think] Winston doesn’t pull pussies. He may fib a bit now and then and he may join up with the Nats after the election if they offer him a reward as a Minister. Still we shall see.  

Let’s see how well the MSM covers the massive marches in the US, if they cover it like they covered the Israeli rocket attack on Syria on behalf of the US, we may not get to read about it at all. Are we so dumb that we have to be protected from what is happening in the world? 

Late news: I was correct TVNZ said at the start of the 6pm news that they would cover it...but they didn't do so.
This small item was on their web site: 
  Some shots of the march.

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