Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester could this be a turning point

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Now before your rage gets the better of you: Read this

Another terrorist attack in the UK, twenty-two killed and fifty-nine injured at the same time as this occurred the Saudi’s using British and US bombs and military assistance bombed yet another school and hospital or shopping center in Yemen. 
Or the American and British occupation forces in Iraq or Syria attacked civilians and school children and murdered them in their hundreds. At the same time as all this is taking place the US using drones are murdering other populations is various other countries.

Now the populations living in Yemen or Iraq or Afghanistan have had to learn to live with these illegal raids, these terrorist attacks on their schools, hospitals and homes. Likewise those living in Palestine have to live with Israeli attacks and the theft of their land by Zionists supported by the US.

But of course in the eyes of the Saudi dictators, the US media and the UK Government they are not meant to fightback. After all its all their fault for not doing what they are ordered by the big three dictatorships of the Saudi’s, the US and the UK and yes we can include the Russians as well.

So naturally the oppressed fight back using the only weapons available to them…the surprise terrorist attack… only to be condemned as cowards and such like, when the US sits its military down in safe locations in the US and guides bombs onto schools and hospitals they are heroes, the reality is nothing could be more cowardly and gutless.

Recently our MSM was praising a British SAS sniper for killing a ISIS fighter in Iraq, somehow they painted him as a hero, he was in fact a terrorist…there is no war in Iraq, 

Britain has not declared war on Iraq…what that SAS so-called soldier did was murder…just as what Tony Blair the UK's biggest coward did when he sent UK troops to Iraq.

Every now and then those countries or people under constant attack and bombardment fight back…they explode a bomb or two…using suicide bombers…[now that is brave] to show to the populations of the US UK and others just how it feels when your people, your children, your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters are murdered over and over again.

Of course its retaliation, of course it’s wrong, just as its wrong to murder by drone as our countries do on a daily basis…via the five eyes partnership. 

The NZ SAS murdered a bunch of civilians in Afghanistan, was it intended or accidental done, who knows but we are so gutless that we won’t even inquire into it.

Do I feel sorry for those who are harmed in terrorist attacks…of course I do, you’d have to be inhuman not to… and do I feel sorry for the ten thousand that the Saudi’s have murdered using US/UK supplied weapons… of course I do.

Do I understand the motivation of those who fight back…and by doing so give up their life; no I don’t fully understand that kind of courage or stupidity.

Nor do I understand how we can call those who fire rockets or bomb by air into hospitals and schools brave military…only Donald Trump would that…

Feel empathy for those touched by the loss of life because of a suicide attack or any attack, likewise for those in Iraq and Syria that are bombed by the US or British or the Russians.

For the love of God or any other deity…let’s stop our government from sharing in this never ending dance of death played by dictators and empire builders.


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