Monday, 28 August 2017

I cannot tell a lie

While Bill English suffers from memory loss concerning rental income, gay marriage, and that he has never used birth control methods and that the year 2002 never existed in the National Party history book.

While Jacinda never met Tony Blair, loves children, fails to understand policy and her main weapon is her smile. And in no way is she a neoliberal and never really ever believed that Roger Douglas was a Labour Party Minister of Finance.

Then we have really old Winston Peters, an ex-Treasurer who has been sacked by three Prime Ministers, and who can’t remember just how much money he paid back to the MSD for over payment of his over 65 national super.

The picture [above] relates to American Presidents: 

Where do you think our budding and want-to-be Prime Ministers English / Ardern / Peters fit. 
Is it Washington, Nixon or Trump or is it all them.

Bill English can’t pretend to follow the Washington model, because we know he’s told lies and having six children proves immigration is not a problem to him as he has his own population increase programme. He is not quite a Nixon in that he can tell the truth at times but often one needs to question his truth. So maybe he fits more into the Trump style. You decide.

Jacinda Ardern is different from the three American Presidents; she is a woman. Therefor she is less practised at the political art of half-truth, outright lies, all those skills could appear after the election but at least she starts with clean slate. I think she is closer to Washington in so much as ‘I cannot tell a lie…yet’ but tomorrow, who knows.

Winston Peters the only minor party leader who can picture himself as being PM. He of course received his training under the master of the big lie, Rob Muldoon. Remember Muldoon was Peters’ hero model way back then when Peters was a good National Party MP. But alas they sacked him, so he created his own party, and joined National again, then he went with Labour. So maybe he fits into the Trump style and really can’t tell the difference.

The only PM I remember who clearly fits all three Presidents was John Key, Remember his ‘No new taxes’, then he raised GST. His pony tail pulling episodes [10]; his closing down the media by using the police to raid them after his cup of tea with John Banks; his illegal raid on the Kim Dotcom mansion in Auckland; his appointment of his old school buddy to the top job in the GCSB; and lastly his order to the NZDF to raid a village in Afghanistan that led to the deaths of twenty-one civilians and the later promotion of the DF Chief at the time to Governor General.

Still the American people will decide the fate of their really strange President, we never got the chance to decide the fate of our ‘Can never tell a lie PM, Never tell the truth PM, or didn’t know the difference PM because he bailed out, took a Knight Hood and is looking for American citizenship sometime in the future.

But we should not forget that sweet wee Bill English had nine years training by this ex-PM I’ve no doubt that some of his manipulative skills have found themselves deeply embedded in his brain.  

So its now over to you...yes YOU the voter to decide the fate of the nation, will you select the 'I cannot tell a lie type? Or will you prefer the 'I cannot tell the truth type? Or will you prefer the 'I don't know the difference type?

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, bravo,bravo! Very well done!
We can all tell when politicians are lying. Their lips move!
Wheelers Corner is rapidly becoming the Greatest Show on Earth!
Keep up with the good work!