Friday, 11 August 2017

The Best blog on Metiria Turei so far.

When I started out to write a blog, two subjects crossed my mind, Donald Trump and his mad behaviour over North Korea, but I thought we've heard enough about the mad pussey grabber, so he was removed from my list.

The second was Metiria Turei, now here was a non-pussy grabber, a non pony tail snatcher, a non-bugger of phones. Here was a woman who had walked the walk.

While having a coffee at the Cafe Royale in Palmerston North with members of a community group I belong to Metiria's name came up and her supposed crime, there wasn't one person sitting at that table who had not 'adjusted' the facts relating to their incone-tax to ensure a benefit to them at a cost to the tax-payers. This information led me to do some added research on the subject of Metiria.

I read the blog on the Daily Blog site... and I thought simply share this with my readers, it says it all...and if it does not convince you to give your party vote to the Greens, then somewhere in the past you've lost your heart or soul to a drug called neoliberalism. Please read this blog and decide if I'm right or wrong.

If I wasn't one hundred percent Green before I am now!

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Anonymous said...

I’m Right with you! after a lot of thought I had decided this year my vote would be deliberately informal, i.e. vote, but not vote for anyone! However the upset with Metiria has changed that view and like many others I will be voting Green. I think the tone of my recent posts has demonstrated my disgust with the Snot Gobblers that surround us. I have some doubts about the Jacinda earthquake her being cosied up to Blair and indirectly Dubya, and Howard, the traitor who turned his face against the Aussie David Hicks who was railroaded to Guantanamo Bay, and then when he published his book about his experiences, was deprived of the Royalties it earned. A real dinkum Aussie trick that one, akin to their underarm bowling prowess. It’s painfully true; There’s NO honour among thieves. Howard proved himself to be the suck hole he was, once got up among the BIG Boys! Pardon the blunt language!