Monday, 11 December 2017

Biggest Mystery of 2017

Guest blogger Peter Grove
This from guest blogger Peter Grove...

"The biggest mystery of 2017 seemed to be, why did Kreyp [John Key] drop the ball and disappear from view? He must have been reading the writing on the wall. I imagine that with the election result he will be laughing like a drain. I am not sure there was a lot of love lost between him and Blenglish [Bill English] who ended up with the Tory version of the good old, poisoned chalice.

Blenglish simply repeated his outstanding form he displayed in 2002. With Little leading Labour he was pretty much an even match for Blenglish. Both of them had all the charisma of loads of wet firewood!

The advent of Jacinda seemed to be what made the difference. I'm not so sure she is going to last the distance and seems to have lost a degree of support over her insistence with resurrecting the TPP. Her venture into OZ looks to have backfired and the more recent tie-up with Shorten could also go the same way. I don't think Shorten enjoys wide electoral support.

I'm not sure about Robertson. He is a bit too conventional for me and bound to make a mess of it. Time will have to tell. The optimistic Housing programme is bound to come unstuck, simply due to the absolute dearth of qualified tradesmen, thanks to the adherence of Douglas to his shortsighted adherence to Neo Liberalism and the reforms he put in place Jacinda is certainly reaping the rewards of earlier Labour Party stupidity.

The OZ electoral scene looks even more dismal than our's was twelve months ago. Turnbuckle is by no means as popular as he thinks he is, which clearly showed a few months back, when he went to the people with the view of increasing his majority in Canberra. That ended with him being worse off. He has clearly shown he considers us to be the poor relation and his treatment of Kiwi in OZ has been nothing short of appalling. He looks to be as big a flake every bit as much as Howard was, certainly so in respect of Howard's treatment of David Hicks. I have a number of contacts in OZ including our two sons and the general consensus appears much the same.

I could of course be barking up a lamp post rather than a tree holding to those views. Regarding Winston going with Labour a recent comment in TDB laid quite bare the reason for the failure of the coalition talks, Winston v Nats. It seems at first they resorted to bribery, when that failed the turned to straight out lies. Winston showed again he was simply too shrewd for all of them! I think he will do well as Foreign Minister. He established an outstanding reputation in the position in
the Clark Government and certainly held the respect of the administrations he had dealings with, which showed again the charisma of Maori in those situations.

After all that. Season's Greetings and thanks for your comments in your
last blog!

Peter Grove.

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