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Wheelers Corner 09 4th March 2018

Wheeler’s Corner
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09 4th March 2018


Over one hundred people attended the launch of ‘Together Kia kotahi mai’ on Tuesday at the All Saints Hall. Nobody was hiding behind anyone else; they were open and honest in their wonderful support. They listened and then shared. They were not all one age, they were a fair representation of our community.

This was an enlightened and intelligent community and many of them; the majority by far eager to assist, in the campaign ahead. There won’t be any need for Together-Kia-Kotahi-mai to pay people from Wellington to knock on doors here in the Manawatu, as does Hobson’s Pledge and its mysterious and dark supporters. Because of my natural bias read first what the Manawatu Standard reported:
At about 7pm Don Esslemont appeared on his trusty cycle, tie and all, and parked outside and I supposed counted the crowd as they departed the scene, I don’t doubt that he was shocked because he is used to holding his Hobson’s Pledge meetings in telephone boxes.

But enough of wee Donald and his negativity towards all things Maori let’s instead put our energy into the positive hence the word ‘Together’. In contrast: The brave and intelligent Councillor’s who showed up were displaying absolute courage in deciding to assist in practical ways to achieve in gaining a yes vote.

This same statement applies to the Mayor as well.

We can only hope that those opposing a Maori Ward can restrain themselves and play the ball rather than the man or woman. Because we inform you who the players are, while the opposition never reveals them-selves, they couldn’t show up at a council meeting to press their case. That, I would suggest says it all, it could be said that they are ashamed, all except Don E he is proud of his association with Don Brash and his invisible followers.

Noticeable was the huge number of women ranging from the young to the elderly and I’m sure they will play a enormous part in the campaign during the coming weeks. I felt proud but humble as I listened to their ideas and concepts as they shared amongst each other.

Looking back: If you have the time have a look back to the turn of the twenty-first century and read just a little about the debate of that time when National Party MP’s like Don Brash commenced stirring the pot by the misuse of terms like ‘Race based politics’: It’s a long read but make the effort for the knowledge it imparts most valuable: You may need to copy this to search then click.

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It is now 2018 eight years on from that report: Have we made progress in the inclusion of Maori in our local decision making, some people still talk about Maori standing committees, the Maori involved simply don’t accept charity and prefer Ward style representation as we use for Parliament. Here is what one Maori Ward Councillor had to say:

Councillor Tipene Marr says: “Mäori standing Committees don't work, they are just decorations to make it look like the Council is listening to Mäori. We have to be at the table. We the Mäori Councillor’s at eBop have earned the respect of most of the päkehä Councillor’s. We inform them about the Mäori perspectives, what Mäori are thinking, not what the papers and tv try to screw around to sell papers, the biased view.”

In Palmerston North among the four Councillor’s who voted against having Maori Wards two held the view that Maori Standing committees were the way to go. In NZ we created a partnership between Maori and Päkehä, note I used the word partnership, it’s that word and what it implies that leads some very insecure individuals to shiver and shake in fear of losing their self-styled belief in their own [and I might add race based] superiority.

But as you and I understand when one enters a partnership, one can be treated as a junior Partner, an equal-partner or a senior partner.

The Treaty of Waitangi made Maori an equal partner. That has been our law for almost a century.

The only problem is that some of our citizens retain the belief that Maori should be called a race rather than a partner. By lumping Maori into the same [race] basket as say Chinese, Blacks, and Pacific Islanders etc.  Only Maori signed a treaty with Päkehä here in NZ. To show how shallow some peoples thoughts are, take this unsigned text from the Manawatu Standard:

“Good idea to give preferential treatment to anyone needing help with social issues but should be based on need not race. A lot of non-Maori suffering same problems”

The only thing wrong with the unsigned statement is that it is wrong in fact and reality.

When anyone goes into the Social Welfare Department they are treated just the same.
Their entitlements [if any] are based on the same evidence criteria. If someone like the Text writer or Hobson’s Pledge fans make such idiotic claims they should produce the evidence of preferential treatment because of race.

Using the race card is a easy way to avoid actually learning to accept the stupidity of the statement.

I agree that New Zealanders [including all human beings] be treated in the same way, and as I have found out the criteria is the same for all and no benefits are issued based on race and that Maori are not treated more favorably. Just as they are not treated differently in regard to voting in an general election, they get one electoral vote and one party just as we all do.

There are rules relating to citizenship and time spent in the country but even these are not based on race, but for deciding entitlement and assistance liability of the State. Maori do not have a special benefit rate, higher pensions or sickness benefits, they don’t get any more or less than the rest of us if we find ourselves in need.

Based on Hobson’s Pledge twisted logic I don’t doubt that they will declare the unemployed as a ‘RACE’ and will oppose benefits…
Guest Blog by Peter Grove

Peter Grove contributed this letter to the present Australian PM. It's hard to disagree with Peters evaluation of the strange fellow:
"Dear Prime Minister,

As a former resident of Australia, and the fact I have two sons and Grandchildren residing in your country I take an interest in Australian affairs. I have to say I am becoming increasingly concerned at what I see you letting happen in your country.

First is the seeming capture of your Government by the Coal Industry leading  to the widespread desolation of Australian Icons. The Great Barrier Reef, being probably the most important. This is quite likely Australia’s most conspicuous natural asset, which in my view should be preserved in pristine condition for the rest of time. Once it’s gone it will be gone for good. What a dreadful thing for you to have on your record as Prime Minister, that you colluded with overseas coal interests to secure the Reef’s total destruction.

I noticed Australia. like New Zealand sent Government Delegations to COP21 held in Paris 2016. Which most likely, like New Zealand promised to assist world-wide efforts to take action to ameliorate the dreadful effects that Climate Change is likely to bring. Your subsequent actions show our respective Governments, considered the entire COP21 Conference a side show, and something not to be taken seriously.

Even China, formerly one of the largest consumers of Australian coal, has woken up to the dire effects Climate Change is already showing in China with dreadful Smogs, which have disabled Beijing this past year. Do you want to be remembered for your part in all of this, as a result of your support for the Coal Barons of the world? It seems not to have dawned on you that the age of coal is dying, before our eyes, as is the age of oil. I notice also the numbers of protests in your country over the laying bare of thousands of hectares of farmland as a result of the insane search for oil.

More recently our Prime Minister Ardern visited you and expressed her disgust at Australia’s inhumane treatment of the dreaded ‘Boat People’, Are you and Prime Ministers preceding you unable to recognise the dire circumstances those people are trying to escape from, or have the humanity to try to help them?

Rather than treating them as outcasts, and confining them to what can rightfully called ‘Concentration Camps’ Every bit on par with those of WWII in Hitler’s Germany. I noticed Prime Minister Ardern offered to help by offering a place of quietness and peace to a number of those unfortunate refugees. Which you spurned, much to the disgust of New Zealanders. It seems in New Zealand that you wish to be known as the principal persecutor of these unfortunate people, with your obvious desire  to keep them in misery in your country.

As if this wasn’t enough comes the outrageous treatment of people of New Zealand descent you have seen fit to incarcerate in yet another concentration camp on a remote island. O K they may have transgressed Australian laws and must be punished, but surely not in this fashion. Doesn’t Australia have normal prison facilities where prisoners are treated with a degree of respect? As ordained by laws pertaining to the treatment of people in custody.

I also notice your moves in the Parliament to close down lawful protest in your country. How does that comply with the common ideals, which we are told are the cornerstones of democracy? I have also noticed the Australian penchant to win at all costs, which brings to mind the infamous underarm bowling incident in a game of cricket years ago. Am I to believe that in the event of victory likely to be to an opponent, the only ready answer is to cheat. The incessant wailing and upset that follows in the wake of an Australian team losing to its opponents, is not an isolated spectacle. Is it a worthy stance for a Government to take when it appears it could lose to one of its opponents?

In conclusion may I remind you of the words of the bible: ‘As Ye Sew, so shall Ye Reap’.
Thanks Peter you are spot on!
Peter J Wheeler

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