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Wheeler's Corner 08 25th February 2018

Wheeler’s Corner
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 08 25th February 2018
 1.Where was Donald Brash? Where were his mob? Why was it left to elderly Esslemont alone?
I'm not racist, I just don't believe Maori exist.

The steps in front of the PNCC were not crowded by tens or hundreds of supporters for the Hobson’s Pledge presentation of their three thousand plus signatures demand for a poll on the Maori Ward question. But by one lonely Scottish / English / imported and now New Zealand Citizen [I think]

After riding his trusty bike and wearing his best University tie along with his cycle clips poor persistent anti Donald [pictured] alone presented his signatures based on propaganda riddled half-baked false-hoods and misrepresentations. 

After spending over a half a million dollars on ads and such like, Don Brash and his tiny shadow Don Esslemont have forced the council to spend over one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars it can ill afford.

This absence of actual support is evidence of how shameful this bunch are in reality and are feeling. It’s been  a well-used and practiced systematically lie to boost their so-called support, yet on the eve of a hollow victory their supporters once again disappeared into the dark recesses and shady past from which they evolved.

Hobson’s Pledge which really is a ‘Hobson's Choice’ construct, offer little in the way of enlightenment. They were forced to reveal themselves once exposed by the local media, and we have just recently become aware of the massive and huge amounts of cash shipped in from outside of the local region.

As we are all aware the presentation of signatures is normally accompanied by a spirited and joyful crowd of supporters, so why did these overjoyed people prefer to stay hidden and out of sight? Is it because, they actually feel guilty as they use a embedded race based law to hold back those who claim to be Maori. Why don’t they step into the bright light of today? Breathe in some fresh air and caress the budding twenty-first century.

2. An important change of venue: This vital meeting was to be held at the City Central Library but alas the council for reasons unknown to me has withdrawn permission so we have had to find new venue:
Unlike Hobson’s Pledge we don’t have a half million dollar bribe via the rich old white men who are their secret bankers. We are community and locally based, made up of real live human beings…so here is the update:
Kia kotahi mai

If you feel that you would like to assist in moving down the enlightened path to togetherness be at the All Saints Hall on Church St / Square. There is plenty of parking space just drive down the space between Square Edge and the All Saints Church on Tuesday of next week at 5.30pm and be a part of the launch of “together, Kia Kotahi Mai. Please pass this on to those who can assist in getting the message out there. 

“Kia ora whanau
The launch of the coalition to support Maori Wards will be held next week.

5.30 TO 7.PM

Please make every effort to attend and bring friends and whanau. It will be attended by the media so we need to show the strength of support in the community.

Our launch will be addressed by Mayor Grant Smith and also have group work around key messages and taqs.

3. The changing face of our enlightened communities:

Who is a racist? What is a racist? Can we be racist without practicing racism? It is generally thought, as individuals that we are not racist, at least not in our view. And that it's those who disagree with us who are racist.
Take the question of Maori Wards for example. If Maori Wards are created who are most directly affected? If looked at rationally the answer naturally is Maori themselves, because only people on the Maori Roll can vote in a Maori Ward.

So why would you ask the majority [the others] to decide what the minority want?

Let’s move to the natural next step and picture a time when Palmerston North finally takes the intelligent plunge and introduces a Maori Ward. Only people on the Maori Roll can vote come election time if they live in the Ward. Will this mean that Maori will take control of the Council? No way there are 15 elected Councillor’s allowed in Palmerston North, Let’s assume that two were elected via a Maori Ward the remaining Councillor’s would number thirteen…there is no way two can out vote thirteen. So why this irrational fear of Maori?

So for those on the General roll there is no change. You still have your vote, Maori have not taken away your right to vote for whom you wish, if those Maori on the General role wish to vote for someone standing on the Maori roll then they must change to that roll because you can’t vote on both. So as I said only Maori are affected if we had taken the enlightened step and agree to a Maori Ward as a great majority of our Councillor’s did, the only people affected would Maori.

Some will suggest that that having Maori Wards is separatism, that I would suggest to the logical thinkers among us is that exact opposite, let’s say two Maori elected [by Maori] enter the chamber and join the thirteen other Councillor’s, that behaviour creates togetherness not separatism. We don’t live in South Africa of the 1960’s.

I’m sure that within your household if you want to be inclusive you invite others to join you for a meal in your dining room, and I believe you would consider it extremely rude, to invite someone for a meal and then make them eat alone in the kitchen!.

We have more Women for example in Council today than ever before, why because we got over a insane and stupid phobia about absolute male dominance over all things political. Even today some still spout past stupid beliefs such as ‘a women’s place is it the kitchen’. Tell that to our new Prime Minister.

Women, it would seem, are simply so much smarter than men, they understand the futility of war and the stupidity of racism way ahead of the male gender. And we all know how long it took for those who controlled the power to share their male vote to give fifty percent of the adult population the right to share in the governance of so-called civilized society.

Finally, being racist is not a crime in its self, but to practice racism in certain circumstances is, for example; in the workplace, on the sports field and no doubt you can think of others. But it appears not to be crime in regard to asking those most affected when deciding the makeup of wards, we have no right to call for a poll regarding wards so long as the word Maori is left off, leave off that word and you cannot question the Councillor’s vote. But when the Maori word is used you can…if that’s not racist I don’t know what is.

Asking to share some small elements of political operational power [Like Woman did] is not separatism, the key in the Maori Ward case, is that we ask the right people or persons, we don’t ask Maori what’s best for Pakeha, so why are we asking Pakeha what’s best for Maori.

Women voters and our young people have the wonderful chance to vote for change, women have to consider just how revolutionary it was for a majority of male Parliamentarians to share their power way back then.

Are woman the majority in Parliament, no they are not even after all this time. We shouldn’t be scared of change; we should grasp it, test it, adapt it and run with it. It’s a great and rewarding feeling to feel the wind in your hair.

If you would like break free and reach new heights… then go to All Saints Church Hall this coming Tuesday [27th Feb] maybe just maybe this could become your starting or change point, regardless of your age and gender, in a new and thrilling period of adventure. 

Don Esslemont of Hobson's Pledge plans to express his opposition to Together Kia kotahi mai he said in a email to me:

"The meeting...has been organised by a pressure group formed to campaign for a "yes" vote in
the coming poll on "Maori" wards. I personally believe racially separate elections are divisive and immoral, and I intend if possible to attend the pressure group meeting to express my opposition..."

So much for wee Don's sense of democracy and free association...did he invite the general public to any of his secret meetings with Don Brash and his wealthy backers, if he did I didn't get one!

The following w/c blog received over 5000 reads it explains the back ground of Hobson’s Pledge:

Peter J Wheeler

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