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I am not a crook.

Wheeler's Corner 27 1st July 2018

 "Connecting Citizens Who Care“ 



"One last point, Key hired Shane Jones for some really strange diplomatic posts in the pacific, Did Key approach Jones to seek a pay back from would not surprise me that he did just that".

Read the above reference and you can then decide if you would consider if John Key is a crook or not.
John Key's history as we all know was based on his ability to sell shonkey deals in the financial world, he was successful and he helped in his own small way to wreak havoc in some countries. He made the rich richer and the poor poorer and it was a profitable exercise for him and those who he worked for.

In the end when his manipulation reached its high point and he was  in the US and his manipulation caught up with him and he fled the scene carrying a bag of ill-gotten gains. He had proved that Ponzi schemes worked for some when the US housing market collapsed . The rat left the sinking ship while his old boss was bailed out by the US tax-payers.

Back in NZ he decided that a teenage dream of becoming Prime Minister was possible. He got a sitting member of Parliament moved when he brought his safe seat in Auckland. Not for him the hard work involved in contesting an electorate, door knocking and all that stuff. Naturally he won after all it was a save National seat [Oh and by the way he didn't even live in the electorate].
Don Brash

Once in Parliament all he needed to do was to slowly and carefully take over from the then leader Don Brash and as he has always done he manipulated the situation to his own advantage. This he did...once that was achieved he set about winning an election.

His inbuilt skill at manipulation of both the media and his own party gave him the opportunity to create a picture of so-called competence and there was no question that he was competent. Because he went on to three terms as PM.

But during those three terms certain obvious and disturbing signs appeared that indicated clearly that his competence was only skin deep. The tugging of a young woman's pony tail and his sexist response to her request to cease doing so, as well as his wife and his police security teams efforts to stop his oververtly sexual behaviour [he pulled her hair many times].

Many times he used the police to act on his behalf to stop a backlash, the police for example reacted instantly to his illegal request to shut down a tape he made with failed Act Leader John Banks this matched his pressure on police and SIS to shut down the negative effect of Nicky Hagar's book Dirty Politics, he really over stepped the bounds normally respected in New Zealand public life. His crazy waste of money on his flag changing exercise [dream] simply confirmed his unsuitability for leadership. Lastly his absolute instructions to the Defence force chief to carry out the raid on a small village in Afghanistan accelerated his steady but sure decline.

So as was his normal learned reaction he did his usual, and when the going got tough he decided to ship out before he actual lost an election...but not before donating tax payers hard earned cash to the Clinton Foundation. Before handing the leadership over to Bill English he somehow got nominated for a knighthood. Hence we now have Sir John. Once that was achieved he began the move off shore to live in Australia as was expected.

But we also expected him to cease lobbying on behalf of the super rich wanting to transfer their ill gotten gain, they had brought their so-called citizenship, but alas old habits die hard and the temptation was too great for him. He caved in and pressured Shane Jones to meet a couple of his American millionaire so-called mates so as to allow them to bypass a still to be introduced law regarding overseas ownership in Iwi settlement land in NZ.
Shane Jones

Sadly for Key wee Shane Jones now a NZ First list MP simply couldn't keep his mouth shut and all was revealed in Parliament this week.

At the start of this short item I asked the question is John Key a crook, well after reading the references from Stuff and from Radio NZ you decide... If you are a believer is social justice, in fair play and don't simply accept the PR bullshit you may agree with don't have to but I ask you seriously consider Keys behaviour.

One last point, Key hired/appointed blue video expert Shane Jones for some really strange minor diplomatic post in the pacific, Did Key approach Jones to seek a pay back from would not surprise me that he did just that.

2. Domestic violence is an issue that we avoid discussing for various reasons, most of us have had contact with occasions of domestic violence and because of this fact many of us feel uncomfortable with the issue so we react accordingly and retreat into silence. 

Well Green MP Jan Logie introduced a bill that could and would assist those who suffer the effects of this behaviour, she hoped that she would get the whole of parliament to support to help bring this matter into the public arena. But strange as it may sound the National Party thought otherwise.

"Nationals Justice spokesman Mark Mitchell said it is important that victims of domestic violence can speak to their employers about what's happening at home.
But he said it's also important that small businesses aren't agonising over the cost of compliance.
"Whether it be cashflow, whether it be personnel; worrying about being able to make that payroll to actually pay your employees," he said.
"That is something that's important, because if the business fails, they don't have a job."

Oh dear me the excuses the National party dreams up really supports my view that they are opposed to any assistance to help those in greatest need. It is simply not on their agenda... they clearly fall into the category of the three monkeys. Jan Logie's bill was and is a step forward in gaining nation wide recognition of a growing problem.

We do little justice to those who suffer domestic violence by ignoring what is taking place in real terms, but today we seem to know the cost of everything but little else. We spend time blaming rather than assisting and finding the ways and means to reduce the overall suffering of those directly affected.

I'm not suggesting that people don't care, but I am suggesting that we should not give up looking for ways and means to improve present behaviors. Did the National party vote against the huge tax increases on tobacco which must have affected the incomes of small businesses, No they did not... why because of the greater good [I hope]

I expect an opposition to think carefully about social issues and not simply play politics. At least NZ First have come up with possible amendments to Jan Logie's members bill and if the bill gets public submissions then other possibilities may appear, that is the right approach. Once again RNZ has aired the subject go to the reference below to read their comments. 
 3. Jono Naylor simply loves the public purse, ex-Mayor and ex-National party list MP has made his living by reaching into the public pocket for a decade. When he resigned as Mayor to become a list MP which only lasted one term he cost the Palmerston North rate-payers tens of thousands in by-election costs. 

His wife is now a PNCC Councilor and is still or was a Member of the local hospital Board. Taking money from the public purse it would seem is a family affair. I think Jono Naylor should find himself a real job, one where he might actually do some good. I wonder if the same mob who backed his Mayoral campaign will back his effort to become yet again reliant on the public purse to pay his bills. 

Well that's it for this week, I hope you are all well and beating the cold by staying warm. Please never forget you are human and most importantly a very important person. 
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Wheeler's Corner NZ said...


Good response to Jan Logie's suggestion re Domestic Violence. The result is typical of the Gnats. Watch them in opposition. Every Move Labour makes will be heralded with cat calls and abuse, as well as scads of introduced white elephants. I they for some unimaginable reason, gain the Treasury Benches, watch their performance then.All the things brought into law by Labour, that they railed against so vehemently, will simply stay in place with absolutely NO alteration. The response to Jan Logie was typical. No sign of remorse for the victims or suggestions for improvement, But sit on hands drawing Red Herrings across the path. 'Bridges to Nowhere' is just now, making pious utterings about Labour's plans for this country to be carbon neutral by 2040 or thereabouts. What Party was it that flew a massive contingent to Paris in 2016 to the Climate Conference. Stood there hands on hearts, promising to uphold the resolutions made by the conference. Did absolutely nothing to reduce New Zealand's carbon footprint, but made themselves look good by purchasing carbon credits from other countries to create the illusion they were doing something. Global Warming has been on the world's agenda since Kyoto, in 2005. How many carless days have you seen introduced in an effort to reduce emissions? How many other recommendations for emissions reduction have you seen discussed let alone imposed since 2005?

Both Labour and the Gnats have been complicit in doing nothing other than sitting on their hands, assuming that NZ being a small country contributed little to the emissions around the world. The old parable of the flea which said 'Every little helps' as he peed into the sea, can be no defence for this country's poor record in carbon reduction. The Gnats were in power when misguided Power Companies decided they should levy home owners with photo-electric generation on their roof tops, as a way of recouping losses brought about by homes going off the grid. You may recall Bridges to nowhere making a big song and dance about fully electric cars when they first appeared on the scene in this country, urging every one to go electric. Where were the proposals by his government to call worldwide tenders for the supply of four million electric cars to replace the present fleet? What effect would an order like that have on car manufacturers? Prices would come down to rock bottom and it would become possible for most people to go electric, perhaps subsidised by government, or perhaps by low interest loans made available to all who wanted them. No. To provide a tax cut for the1% Kreyp introduced a further 2.5% increase to GST, bringing it to 15%. Super-annuitants are bearing the brunt of this move Along with the 17.5% tax levied at source on the pittance known as NZS, the imposition of the additional 15% GST brings our total tax liability to 32.5%. The top rate of tax payable is 33% for incomes in excess of $74,000. What does that tell you about generosity of Governments?

Peter G.

Eminence Immigration said...
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