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Wheelers Corner 45 3rd Nov 2018 Mayors Fairy Tales.

"Connecting people who care'

As early as late June or July 2018 the Palmerston North Mayor was making suggestions to the NZDIA as to what they should do public relations wise to get their so-called forum acceptable to the people of Palmerston North.
Like including the words 'National Security' That was right out of PR 101...
He [Smith] knew only too well that both Wellington and Auckland both suffered from protests etc. Wellington had the good sense to reject the NZDIA bull-sh*t. But not our Mayor, for it would appear that he suddenly became very, very secretive...about this helpful behaviour to the NZDIA and was not to be shared with his deputy or Councillors. So much for team work and all that touchy stuff.
The question is why and what was he afraid of? 

In fact it would seem that most Councillors were kept in the dark over the issue until council was forced to discuss the issue. Most Councillors appeared to accept the code of silence forced upon them...their silence was most revealing and very much 'grunt' like behaviour, its sad really when some folks put votes ahead of principle, money ahead of human life. You can of course save your anger until next years local body election.

Read the leaked email below: and make your own mind up about the trust worthiness of the Mayoral behavior.

After having read the leaked email you decide if the picture below isn't suitable to represent just what the Mayor should do before next years election...

This young woman and her sign clearly represents the wishes of thousands of younger and older persons. Of course the Mayor will deny that he is violent and will swear that he is a peace loving member of our community, the only problem is that he doesn't actually prove it.
Actions speak louder than words. He will deny that NZDIA has members who make bombs for the purpose of blowing up school buses, or schools or hospitals. He like thousands of New Zealanders believe wrongly that anything our Defence Forces have done in the past has been heroic and brave...that's simply Hollywood spin.

There was nothing heroic about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and since we are allies of the US we are still at war with Korea! after 50 years...beat that for stupidity gone mad. The last war that had a goal was the second world war and even though the US came in late [as usual] and the goal was achieved. The US got into the habit of needing a war or two to boost their national inflated ego, why must we New Zealanders do the same.
I see the President of the United States is planning to declare that the US is being invaded and this has created a small problem for him. He has no country on which he can call to bomb the invaders on the his behalf, ie Israel or Saudi Arabia are too far away, so for the first time in over two hundred years the US main land is theoretically under direct threat...and it would seem that Trump plans to dispatch 8000 troops to the boarder to combat the five thousand invading enemy force made up of unarmed men, women and children.

Trump in one of his nutty mid term election tweets even suggested that among the invaders are "many bad men, really bad men, really really bad men". Just imagine how he would react if he was confronted with the million plus who are landing on the shores of Europe as they flee the never ending American and Russian bombs in Syria and Yemen. How long will it be before the Americans set up a few concentration camps [Nazi Style] where they can rid themselves of these unarmed dangerous invaders.

Will Trump request that NZ send troops to assist him in combating this invasion by Women, children and a few unarmed men...and will NZ as is norm of the last ten years comply with that request.

This the kind of mess we've got our self into by simply following blindly instructions from big brother.
The reall problem for the US is that these people approaching the US are doing nothing illegal they are complying with US law, they are seeking asylum at the border as they are required to do.
If NZ received such a request for troops? Who should we send...a few medics to tend the wounded, or maybe the Artillery, or a few SAS to carry out US military instructions without debate.

You no doubt would have picked up by now that I'm speaking tongue in cheek...I'm sure that the present government would not be stupid enough to agree to a request for troops even though the Minister of Defence Ron Mark would disagree...

As we all know that next week the US mid-term elections takes place, and Trump has now invented a invasion, and believe it or not his nutty Defence Secretary [James Mattis ex General] Who once stated "how he enjoyed killing Arabs" in Iraq, is now demanding that the war in Yemen cease! beat that for a turn around. Let me end with these two Items about Trump...

1. left: The real purpose of his propaganda of late is to keep those few voters who are allowed to vote from considering his past sexist and racist and tax avoidance behaviour. Not to mention his five excuses for NOT carrying his military service. 

2. This explains clearly the type of person Trump is...a typical liar
and big rules his whole being [thanks to his father dishing it out to him]. So we will have to await and see if the voters buy into his bull-sh*t.

Lastly I'd like to thank all the members of Peace Action Manawatu and Peace Action Wellington and Auckland along with hundreds of locals who stood tall while protesting the yearly Defence INDUSTRY Association. What truly impressed was the energy and sincerity in their opposition to weapons and war, their task was made more difficult because of the Mayor's PR spin. Let's hope that we can at last realise and understand just what the military actually do rather than what we pretend they do, they actually rescue very few people at sea etc. I'm sure we are all awaiting the result of the inquiry on the SAS stuff - up in Afghanistan, which is now years overdue. Now that John Key and GCSB school chum, and his favorite ex-general and governor general has departed the scene we may reclaim Independence from US control, here is hoping!
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Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

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Elizabeth Paine Again Peter , an excellent piece of writing . You are correct Councillors were kept in the dark but they too had a voice to speak once they were made aware . I’ve only seen Brent speaking on this . Transparency and accountability are paramount in any job .Personally I don’t accept the rhetoric from council that 11 voted for a future drafting of a councils policy on venue hiring as “being involved “ , conviction is not merely standing with the heard but following your own . Councillors you use Facebook to show photos of where you have been and what a great job you are doing in part to promote yourselves .Where have you been in the last 3 days when your city was filled with police and people were arrested ? I guess this expo on weapons was not photo worthy for your next years campaign .