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How high can we jump. Wheelers Corner 49 1st Dec 2018

Wheelers Corner wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Oh dear me the the USA's and its attachment followers ie: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UK have declared that the villianist Chinese are at it again...spying on us via our own tech compampies who use 'Huawei equipment...The US tells us what to do and NZ asks 'How high do you want us to JUMP' and the US suggests we actually look and behave like Australia and jump over the moon as did the cow in the fairy tale. And it would now seem that our own [?] GCSB was first to ask the question, "How high should we jump? Well Peter G a good Wheelers Corner reader has a view on this very issue.

Peter G

I read that the panic was initiated in the US of A backed up by their
best buddies, Australia. It looks like an early shot in Trump's trade
war with China. It seems from today's news that Huawei are disputing any
possibility of the claims being made against them. The GCSB are not to
be trusted in my view and they appear to be going all the way with USA!
Just think back to the orchestrated raid on the Dot Com mansion some
years back. Would our Rozzers have had the nous to mount a helicopter
based attack with all guns blazing? I don't think so. Recall the mess
they got themselves into over the raid they initiated in the Uruweras
some time ago. While there may have been some substance to their
concerns, it seemed to end up as fanciful scheme dreamed up by wallpaper
face. Nothing ever appeared to have been proven to any degree.
Peter. G"

Speaking of finding some guts, it was great to read that the US Senate has decided to vote on the US legallity of assisting the UAE and US backed Saudi murder and stavation of the total population of Yemen...Trump rushed his top ranked aides to meet the senators one of them was the nut-case ex general who loves killing a-rabs: but even they seemed to have lost any creditability and they failed to stop them [the senate] from voting in favour of a review read this from Truthout: 

If ever we needed clear evidence of the political corruption that rules America we have it in the US President's support for the murder of a US resident ordered by the Saudi so-called crown prince. 

Still we may be lucky because one country has shown some guts in following international law and may well arrest the said the crown prince when he visits Argentina for the G20 summit meeting. 

Another hundred thousand Yemeni bite the dust says the POTUS,
Of course Trump may decide to bomb Argentina or tear gas its citizens by the use of long range drone attacks...and the evil crown prince may flee arrest...and be forced to slip back home to hide like the international war-criminal he is, as is Donald Trump who has and still is playing a massive role in the murder of Yemeni children and civilians and driving millions into starvation. 

Just imagine if the countries of world that are being forced to accept and assist the millions of refergees who have been forced out of the middle east by US supported illegal wars...acted the same way!!! Only in America is jailing children considered heroic...

Should they tear-gas those swimming ashore off the coasts of Italy, France  etc. Australia picks them up and sends them off to remote islands to be ill treated, bashed and imprisoned for years and years. So much for Australian human ethics...and a real question for us here in NZ should we treat Australians in the same manner. or should we like Argentina arrest any Australian leaders who visit NZ as war criminals because of their treatment of refugees and their strong support for US and UAE and Saudi aggression in the Middle east. Now that would take some guts on our part and would go a long way in proving to the world that we actually care about humanity world wide. But don't hold your breath...we often talk the talk but rarely walk the talk. 


Is their God the same as yours? How could God make such massive mistakes...that has led to the deaths of thousands if not millions of innocent people. 

Christmas is a time when religion rules. while it is difficult to believe in Father Christmas, when we all know FC is really Mom or Dad, we stop believing in the tooth fairy around about when we stop believing in Father Christmas.

I'm sure my God can not be the same as Tony Blair's or George Bush's or Hillary Clinton's or Theresa May's

Lastly: This from Rachael Andrews: a wonderful activist and community member.

Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa:

Kia ora whanau,Extinction Rebellion Aotearoa is underway and building momentum as I'm sure you have all picked up on. Being mindful of many people's desire to take a break from organising for the next couple of months Kirsty and I have joined the national conversation (somewhat peripherally). There is
a sense of urgency around this as a movement (obviously) and some groups
have already had public meetings so we thought we could get the ball rolling here.

We are NOT asking anything of you. That said we have scheduled a meeting for Thursday 6th Dec, 7pm @ Snails. This is just for an introduction and to see who turns up really - hoping some new people will come and want to help organise. The good thing about this is that XR UK have a great
plan already and we don't have to start from scratch. We intend to talk about the three Global aims and the targets (which we can tailor to fit what makes sense for our city...COUNCIL!!!! for example). And have a bit of a brainstorm.
So, again we are mindful that people need a break. If you have people in your contacts and networks who would be good to include at the early stage please invite them and we would love to see you - we don't expect any hands to go up for jobs!
Aroha nui,

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