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More evidence that women lead the way for change. Wheelers Courner 29 7th June 2019

 Rachael stone, Hannah Prisk, Paige Linneweever: photo WARWICK SMITH/STUFF
1. Yet again women continue to lead the charge: High school students, from left, Rachael Stone, Hannah Prisk and Paige Linneweever, talked at the Palmerston North City Library on Wednesday 5th June 2019 about the state of the environment.

While public advertising of their talk was was almost non-existent; in the public media, it is was not unexpected that the numbers attending to be small...and that was the case. And this was strange because the talk had been sponsored by the Manawatu Standard and the city library.

The three bright and intelligent high school students, Rachael, Hannah and Paige were joined by a brilliant young singing sensation...Do you know her name: [please send me a massage as I failed to write it down when I took the photo...thanks you in advance.]

Between them all it was an event well worthy of a much larger crowd...because the message they were offering was absolutely vital and of massive importance to the human race.

From my perspective [old white male] the fact that these three young woman were brave enough to stand up in public and speak out on the leading issue of the day simply says it all. 

And while I thank the Manawatu Standard and the Library a bit more advertising is needed if you want to draw a worthy crowd.

When you compare their progressive mode of thinking to that of for example the Chairperson of the Horizons District Council: Bruce Gordon and his bunch of non progressive ward councillors and their shutting down of creating community communications links. Lets hope that at this upcoming election we get a few more progressive Councillors such as Rachael Kedwell on board...

Smug Bruce Gordon...lives in an era of the stupid...
This very smug white male seems happy to ignore what he and his cohorts have done to our world, and I might add are still doing... It would seem unbelievable that in this day and age...that someone would want to go backward and ignore the advances and progress that communications have made to our ability to share in collective community decision making .

Rachael, Hannah and Paige must cringe when they read of just how backward our local government leaders have become in regard to new concepts and ideas for better and more meaningful interactions between the so-called leadership and the electors. I get the very real impression that poor old Bruce Gordon does not believe in climate change.

I stand, as I hope you do too, on the side of the younger generation with their progressive thinking rather than the efforts of smug types like Bruce Gordon and Donald Trump...who can't seem to understand the difference between truth and bull dust...wearing a tie doesn't make one intelligent...out dated ideas remain out dated ideas no matter how you dress them up...


It was good to see a growing number of Councils here in NZ and around the world are buying into the concept of declaring a climate emergency for their can only hope that Palmerston North and Horizons will muster the internal fortitude to do the same...The success of the XR [extinction rebellion] movement has swept the UK and Europe and the US.


And the treatment dished out to the worlds greatest political and public liar Donald Trump by the people of the UK was absolutely amazing... Yet Donald Trump tells us it is all false news...the people of the UK really love him.... the pictures we see on our television or on our social media platforms is all just, false news. It is really ironic that the US sends its President an anti military draft dodger [some would say a coward] to praise American non draft dodges who took part in D day...its so typical of the Hollywood bull-Shit that still prevails throughout the US collective mentality in their rewriting of history... we should never forget that the US took three years to enter the 2nd World War...

Trump says this picture is false news...yeah right.

Protesting both the individual cruelty of U.S. President Donald Trump and the globally ascendant "politics of hate" he represents, tens of thousands took to the streets in London and across the U.K. Tuesday as Trump enjoys "royal treatment" from the British government on his first official state visit.
"This protest is about Trumpism—the hatred and poverty that is spreading. Our movement is about joining the dots between hate, bigotry, and inequality." 
—Shaista Aziz
Trump claimed in a tweet Monday that he had not "seen any protests yet," but the demonstrations on Tuesday will be impossible to miss, with the 20-foot-tall Trump baby blimp flying over London and crowds of Britons pouring into the streets throughout the country.
"We are here to take on misogyny, racism, fascism, and hatred," Guardian columnist Owen Jones declared during a speech in London.
Jones emphasized this point in a column ahead of Tuesday's mass demonstrations, noting that the protests "aren't just about Trump, they're about everything he stands for."
"These protests won't simply be about Trump and the perverse reality TV show he's treated the world to," Jones wrote. "The protests will be about Trumpism: about confronting a resurgent global far right, defending the rights of women and minorities, fighting the climate emergency, opposing the threat of war, and standing against an attempt to gut the NHS and trash hard-won rights and freedoms.

These two according to Trump are best mates!!! Johnston thinks Trump is an idiot, they deserve each other...

Two Neo Lib nut cases...

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