Friday, 28 October 2011

Occupy news and letter to Australian PM

Hi Peter, thanks for your update on the Occupy Wellington protest and what it stands for, it is time the world had some positive change, and with the information age of the internet, perhaps this movement has a chance to make real change. Will there be an occupy Palmerston North movement, that square could definitely house a few hundred, although there are still only a few toilets open all hours. C'mon palmie, show the world you are hurting too! Cheers 

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia
From the General Assembly of Occupy Auckland, New Zealand
In Session, the 24th Day of October, 2011
Madam Prime Minister,
Respectfully, we the assembled citizens, residents and supporters of the Auckland Occupation wish to convey to you our deepest disappointment in the recent repression by Australian police of the peaceful demonstrators in Melbourne’s
City Square
and Sydney's
Martin Place
We have watched with dismay as our fellow Occupiers have been treated as criminals, being assaulted in ways that are by any estimation excessive, given the peaceful nature of their protest. Regretfully, we consider these actions to be contrary to our understanding of your national character as Australians.
We call upon you to assert your authority as Prime Minister of Australia to protect and defend the Democratic Rights of your Citizens and Residents, particularly the inalienable rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.
We ask you to call a Moratorium on all further repressive assaults and evictions.
We ask you also to bring to account those in authority who have perpetrated these excesses so as to reassure the Global Community that Australia respects all International Conventions pertaining to Human Rights.
Furthermore, we the General Assembly of the Occupation of Auckland would bring to your attention the excellent cooperation which exists between us, the Auckland City Council and the New Zealand Police, in the hope that this may serve as a model of good relations between Occupiers and Authorities. We respectfully suggest that these exemplary professionals may be of some considerable assistance to you during this difficult time…
Most humbly,
The General Assembly of Occupy Auckland

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