Sunday, 30 October 2011

Politics the week that was

He appears.......He fails to 

The opening shots have been fired and the parties have come out fighting, well some have.
·         Labour fired the first shots by introducing a change in the Age of entitlement for national super; gee did that cause a stir.
·         National continued with its John Key for God fan club by putting his grinning image on all its bill-boards, in many respects it was a bit of a Gaddafi show from a few years back…you know the leader is everything…most dictatorships use that style of presentation, you know statues, 60 foot images plenty of flags etc.
·         Winston Peter’s burst back onto the scene with a blast from the past about national super but was generally free from attacking Maori and Asians, the big question is will he stand in a electoral seat and if so which one!
·         The Greens move steadily forward with a balance of sound social and environmental policy mix. Each passing day sees them drift further and further from the John Key party and closer and closer to the Labour Party.
·         The Act party has drifted off into space and their leader is all on his own, if you want to see Don Brash just look at the moon on a clear night and you might catch him in orbit on a broom.
·         The Maori Party has become the party for Maori Elite and the,
·         Mana Party the party for the working Maori and in fact workers in general.

Super award winning director Sir Peter Jackson; gave a series of photo opportunities to John Key in payment for his vital assistance in both keeping the filming of the hobbits in NZ and the increasing of grants to the film industry and especially Warner Brothers. All in all Sir Peter felt that the millions donated by the Key government and the industrial law changes via the public purse was just the sort of investment needed during these difficult financial times. Sir Peter went on to point out that his new film production “The Lovely Key” his sequel to ‘The Lovely Bones’…was in honour of guess who…its about how a small boy went from living in a State house to owning the whole Street.

On morning report [Monday] Phil Goff was interviewed, John Key refused to appear as he prone to do. This gave Phil Goff free reign to state his case; he called John Key a liar more than once and put labours case very forcibly.   

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