Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Prosecutions Advisory Committee...yeah right!

No darling you must not swim in that river...the waters not nice
While we hear nothing but rugby real problems confront us all, students at our universities have been compulsory ordered to become voluntary, illegal cameras have become legal as we continue to increase the covert powers of police and the SIS. Credit rating companies push our credit worthiness downward which increases interest rates. Here in Palmerston North our local council appears to receive special treatment from Horizons over its poor operation of its waste operations. This from a couple of concerned citizens:
·         “We now have a similar situation with Horizons Regional Council which has increased their Committees to include a Prosecutions Advisory Committee (PAC) composed of a few select Crs. (unnamed to the public) and staff. 

·         We can accept that staff needs to discuss what action to take but why are Crs. involved?  Many of them are qualified RMA Commissioners and have the potential to adjudicate on applications for resource consents.  It is unacceptable that they can further have the opportunity to tinker with the implementation of conditions that they may have set to protect the environment. 

·         PAC meets behind closed doors, produces no Minutes and offers no invitation to those they choose to prosecute to state their case for mitigation, so how is it that the Palmerston North City Council has never been prosecuted for significant non-compliance? Do they have representation behind the closed doors? If this PAC was a flock of rooks they would be instantly eliminated”. Quote ends.

After noting the statements above we must naturally ask why this PAC committee exists, is it to protect the farmers on that committee or is to protect the ex-city councillors or ex-mayors that make up Horizons councillors.

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