Thursday, 18 October 2012

Is the National party broke


This from Bombers blog site:

In a sign of how desperate the National Party fundraising situation has become, National Party HQ has asked each of its MPs to cough up $30 000 each as a personal contribution to the National Party election war chest.

Any Journalist who doubts this should simply ask Judith Collins if the donation request is true because she apparently is the MP who is most angry about having to pay it.

As Manufacturers and Exporters leave National in droves towards any opposition Party who will change the free market economic environment they are trading in, Joyce's private crony capitalism model has locked out many businesses and pushed them into the arms of National's political enemies.

Hitting up their own MPs to the tune of $30k each shows how damaging National's status quo positioning has caused their ability to raise funds. I can also imagine many National MPs grumbling about contributing $30k when John Key has over $50million.

It will be interesting to see Judith Collins response to this.
National asks each of its MP’s to donate $30.000 to the party:

Blog ends:

After reading the above I immediately pulled together a team of eager young reporters to make contact with various National MP’s and support MP’s to seek comment on this issue.

We told them that: It has been revealed that the National Party is seeking or demanding that each individual national party MP, electorate and list member part with thirty thousand dollars to boost the party’s coffers. Here are their responses:

There is a strong rumour that both John Banks and Peter Dunne have been approached with a like request. John Banks is thought, but he can’t remember, to have approached Mr. Kim Dotcom suggesting that he might like to assist. Peter Dunne said he would approach the Labour Party and see if they would help him out, if he supported them after the 2014 election. The Maori party said they would do what ever John K their real leader told them to do.

Mr. Dotcom was not available for comment…nor was John Banks but a staff member out of his office thought that Mr. Banks most likely couldn’t remember. Peter Dunne was unavailable because he was at his hairdressers having his weekly perm.

Justice Minister Crusher Collins said she was most upset by the demand and would be speaking to her team of lawyers about the matter. This is simply blackmail and I won’t have a bar of it, she said when she received her invoice for $30.000 of her hard earned dollars. “This kind of behaviour was OK for the ACC but my own party…it’s just not on”, she said before slamming down the phone.

John Key, who is holidaying in Hawaii firstly said he hadn’t been informed about the fund raising effort, but then suggested that if any MP couldn’t afford the thirty thousand dollars he gladly give them a loan at 7.8% interest, repayable before the 2014 election.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said she would duck into her local WINZ office and pick up a few food grants so she could afford to pay her thirty thousand dollar bill in monthly installments.

Bill English said he was OK with the donation, because he’d claw it back during the next Treaty of Waitangi settlement.

The Speaker of the House Lockwood Smith informed this reporter that he was not asked to pay, but he would gladly pay if the PM approved his appointment as High Commissioner to London.

The MP for Rangitikei Ian McKelvie said that he’d have to sell a couple of bulls and put up his tenets rent but other than that he no real concerns, and he was far too busy practicing for his next patsy question in parliament to worry about such minor matters.

The Minister of Health Tony Ryall said he would borrow the money from Murray Georgel CEO of MCH rather that pay the PM’s 7.8%.

Steven Joyce Minister of everything said it was just not true; the thirty thousand was really just a donation toward the setting up of a National Party Charter School at the end of the highway to nowhere in 2015…that will lead to a brighter future for all…and it simply proves how much our MP’s love their country…they deserve a medal.


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