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Top Spy’s meet in NZ…

Leon Panetta is he a war criminal? 

Top Spy’s meet in NZ…

My comments are in italics the rest is from the Dominion post:

Spy’s professional and otherwise like to meet to talk about their exploits, of course they always hold these meetings in secret, after all that’s what being a spy is all about.

The Dominion Post understands the agencies met on the weekend of September 15 and 16. Mr Key was in Auckland meeting US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that weekend.

Note the dates, 15 / 16th September 2012. And note that US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is being looked at by the World Court for international war crimes because of his use of Drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan that have killed thousands of innocent bystanders. 

The US wants to extradite Dotcom on internet piracy charges and his north Auckland home was raided in a joint police and FBI raid in January. It has since emerged the foreign intelligence agency's spying on Dotcom and co-accused Bram van der Kolk was illegal because their New Zealand residency offers legal protection.

The now illegal raid on Kim Dotcom would have been on their agenda.

Mr Key announced on September 17 that he had ordered an investigation into the illegal spying by the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), by which time the top-level spies had left the country.

The question is, was John Key ordered to announce that the spying by the GCSB was illegal and therefore the raid by the NZ Police and covert members of the FBI was also illegal and that evidence gained could not be admissible in any normal court of law.

It is understood Intelligence Co-ordination Group director Roy Ferguson, a former ambassador to the US, was at the meeting. The State Services Commission would not confirm this, referring an inquiry to Mr Key's office.
A woman at Mr Ferguson's Wellington home said he would not be returning a call. It is believed he was joined by representatives from the US Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Britain's Communications Headquarters, Canada's Communications Security Establishment and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service.

Of course at this point it would be fair to ask was this covert meeting a planned run of the mill event or was it a special meeting timed because of the visit of possible war criminal US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta to NZ.  

The Dotcom spy scandal has continued to dog Mr Key. Police yesterday launched an inquiry into the illegal surveillance of Dotcom and van der Kolk. They also appointed lawyer Kristy McDonald, QC, to review the case.
The investigation was sparked by a complaint from Green Party co-leader Russel Norman. He believes the agency breached section 216(B) of the Crimes Act. “If police find the law has been broken they should prosecute."

All those who believe in ‘One Law for all” must concede that Russel Norman’s claim has merit to do otherwise would be hypocritical and clearly display ‘Colour Blindness’…

However, Labour leader David Shearer wants a more wide-ranging probe. “The failings exposed in the Dotcom debacle go far wider and deeper than whether or not junior staff at the GCSB screwed up," he said.
An internal review of the bureau by Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge, who has been seconded to the agency, began yesterday.
Inspector-General Paul Neazor's report into the GCSB's role in Operation Debut was widely panned as a whitewash.
“We don't need a piecemeal mish-mash of reviews and reports, we need a proper independent inquiry," Mr Shearer said.
Police Commissioner Peter Marshall said Ms McDonald's appointment would "provide an overview".
Mr Key has dismissed the Greens' complaint as a "political stunt" but said the police must take complaints seriously.

Now with John Keys quick flying visit to Hollywood with a stop over in Hawaii no doubt and Parliament being in recess for three weeks I imagine that the public relations boys and girls, will be in full swing to get this huge 'stuff up' out of the media. Unfortunately Mr. Kim Dotcom is not going to go away so I suppose the task now will be to highlight his background and attempt to move public opinion away from seeing him as a hero to one of being a villain…

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