Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The big splash is over...Hobbits bite.

PM in drag. 

The Hobbits…

So the big splash is over, public relations businesses have had a field day. Myths have been created, lies and half truths have been told and political advantage grabbed in a multitude of re-written history.

The cost to New Zealand of making the first Hobbit movie has been massive. Every single person, man women and child has paid around ten dollars each. And the movie was made in NZ because labour was cheap and made even cheaper by changes to our industrial laws.

As pointed out by many Hollywood observers Warner Brothers never had any intention to make the move else where and the reasons were simple. Just like our manufacturers go off shore to China, India etc because of cheap labour, Warner Brothers did exactly the same. As pointed out they did this because they found a government willing to cower down to their pressure and give them huge tax breaks and law changes. That government was our government, which means you paid the price for us being selected as the fall guys for a Hollywood looking for free money and cheaper labour. The tax breaks here are even greater than Mexico these days.

If you live in Wellington you paid even more as your council paid out heaps to fund the PR circus that allowed the government approved theft to be swept under the red carpet. But it was rewarding for all the British and UK citizens that reside here, it gave them a chance to honour their history of Hobbits and goblins and generally funny people and at the same time forget their own economic woes that hang over them these days.

Sir Peter Jackson received a knighthood and a huge boost to his bank balance because of John Keys desire to make the headlines as the saver of the New Zealand film industry, when the reality is he was nothing more than an auctioneer that sold off our hard earned industrial laws and our national independence. The one law for all was forgotten in the rush to bow to Hollywood and Warner Brothers.

While we should be proud of those actors, artists and workers who created the Hobbits we should not forget that they took wage cuts, loss of working conditions, and the loss of income so that we could all bask in the false glow of the world media for a day or two.

Now all you have to do is to rush off to see the movie so that Warner Brothers can make even more money and don’t be surprised if a picture of our brave PM appears on the screen dressed up as a hobbit seeking your vote in 2014.    

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