Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Parata takes the first life boat

Parata, I'm the captain but I'll not go down with my ship. 

Hekia Parata dumps Lesley Longstone

Now that Parliament has closed down for the year, bad news suddenly hits the scene. Of course every one [or at least those that can afford to] is busy getting ready for Christmas. The governments PR spin team are now flat-out pushing bad news stories like petrol tax rises, MP’s salary increases, Education boss being sacked, child poverty growth figures, etc.

Like a rat [Longstone] deserting a sinking ship [Parata] on the coastline of failure,
Education Secretary Lesley Longstone was pushed to resign by Hekia Parata who should also resign. Longstone’s resignation won’t solve educations major problems, but it was correct for her to resign. Not unlike the Italian Captain of a sinking cruse liner Parata was the first in the life boat as the ship floundered.

The experiment of bringing in so-called overseas outsiders to beat up the education sector was a total failure and the government has two black eyes as Longstone departs the scene.

Parata and John Key were of course the real drivers to beat the education unions into line, they failed big time. Parata should go! She should go now! She does not deserve a salary increase; in fact she should resign from Parliament as a list MP. Once again the PM dances on his Radio Works show wriggling his backside while his minister Parata hides away from the media, so much for a high standard of behaviour.

Longstone was imported from England less than a year ago and now is fleeing the scene after getting around $500.000 and no doubt a golden hand shake as well. TV 3 suggests that she could well receive up to a million dollars as a golden hand shake.

Parata should also flee the scene after a year of trying to implement stupid government policies in education. She has failed completely, the NovoPay fiasco was simply the last straw, larger class sizes, the Christchurch review of schools and the introduction of Charter Schools have all been nails in the coffin of the governments desire to restructure the education sector. And putting Steve Joyce in charge of university education has also been a huge step backwards.  

To make matters even worse the government gave itself a pay rise, while at the same time lifting fuel taxes.

Our part time PM proved once again that he tells porkies big time for he stated that ‘he didn’t want a wage increase’ but a government appointed body gave them one. I don’t suppose he bothered to read their report, of course he could have cancelled the increase, but have you ever heard of a money man turn down a bonus so it would be rare for a guy like Key to suddenly change his normal behaviour. No doubt he is by now relaxing at the beach in Hawaii surrounded by his police security team. But wait there is more…they told the public service sector union [PSA] that back pay was a no-no, but guess what Key gave himself six months back pay. This increase when added to the tax cut he gave himself [around a thousand dollars per week] means that he has received a massive boost in income. What for you may well ask, so that he can holiday even longer in Hawaii? He may as well take out US citizenship.

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