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Feed The Kids National Symposium

On the 4th of Feb 2007 John Key released a press release on the planned National Party programme to introduce a food in schools scheme.

According to Key the National Party was going to introduce a food in schools programme because Labour and Helen Clark had failed to do so…when it was much needed.

Key’s lied…yet again because on being elected he dumped the so-called programme. This was strange when one considers that he had said that this programme is greatly needed today but National seems to have forgotten about kids these days. Here is what he said:

3 February 2007

National launches its Food in Schools programme

National Party Leader John Key has announced the first initiative in what will be a National Food in Schools programme.
"National is committed to providing practical solutions to the problems which Helen Clark says don’t exist," says Mr Key.

During his State of the Nation speech on Tuesday, Mr Key indicated National would seek to introduce a food in schools programme at our poorest schools in partnership with the business community.

Mr Key has since received an approach from Auckland-based company Tasti foods.
"I approached Wesley Primary School yesterday, a decile 1 school near McGehan Close, a street that has had more than its fair share of problems in recent times. I am told Wesley Primary, like so many schools in New Zealand, has too many kids turning up hungry.

"We’re putting Tasti and Wesley Primary together. This is a fantastic first step. In addition to this, Tasti has indicated they may wish to expand their generous donation of food to other schools in need, and we’ll be looking to facilitate that.

"We all instinctively know that hungry kids aren’t happy and healthy kids."

Mr Key is also inviting other businesses to contact National so it can work on expanding the programme.
"I want this to be the first of many schools and businesses that we put together.
“I’m interested in what works and I am humbled by the support this idea has received already.

"We are going to put together the package while in Opposition. We are not waiting to be in Government, because all our kids deserve better."  [source: Scoop]

Question: Did National do this on becoming the Government in late 2008? The short answer is NO they did not, so we can presume that no package was put together and the words were hollow words from a hollow man. In simple words he was bull-s**ting and simply pretending to actually care about the kids in low decile schools. That is a fact and any person with half a brain knows that the lot of children has got worse since 2007 the evidence is overwhelming and obvious. Even a blind person would recognise that fact.

MP Hone Harawia on behalf of the Mana Party will introduce his private members bill to parliament on ‘Feeding the Kids’, he like thousands and thousands of others is sick and tired of National’s procrastination over doing something about the ever growing task of making sure our kids are fed. He is, as are thousands of others tired of listening to the clap-trap of the very well fed Minister of Social Welfare Paula Bennett and that most unpopular Minister of Education Hekia Parata who seems to have disappeared off the radar since Novopay hit the headlines.

At this point it would appear that a majority of parties will support his bill going to select committee where people can make submissions and speak to those submissions, but the National Party has yet to commit itself to that course of action [unlike in 2007 when they promised action]

The bill will be discussed at a symposium to be held at Papa o Te Aroha Marae, Tokoroa on Saturday 13 April 2013. I and three others [at this stage] from Palmerston North will be attending the symposium so if you have any views or ideas that you would like shared please contact me by email and share your thoughts we me so I can present them to the gathering. Just send them to and I will include them. I am especially interested in any suggestions from schools themselves about what they think would work for your school in your area.

The symposium is being organised by Andrew Paul and a hard working organising committee and if you want to know more you can contact them at
Feed The Kids National Symposium Mobile: 028-25899141 or Email: You may even consider attending if so please contact Paul as soon as possible.

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