Saturday, 9 March 2013

Petition hits its target.

While Hekia Parata takes up her knitting needles yet again and ponders her fate as a risen and fallen star of the National Party.
And while Nick Smith tries to work how he can create yet another crisis, as he did with the ACC before he was dumped for helping a extra special and very close mate.
And while Steven Joyce asks the Brethren Church [Yet again] a favour, ‘getting their God to, with his entire heavenly gifted wisdom and power to fix up the Novo Pay System [Is there a actual pay system] and cast a spell of silence on all those nasty teachers who are demanding to be paid… for the work they do.
And while the PM John [Money Bags] Keys dines with a couple of South American leading lights in the drugs for money business as he tries to sell shares in Mighty River Power.
And while Ian McKelvie [A pasty question voice for the Nats] suddenly becomes aware of the fact that he now represents thousands of new beneficiaries [Farmers] who want to go on the unemployment list.

While all this is happening, back in the real world a 390,000 to 400,000 signature petition is about to hit the steps of Parliament…  

Citizens Initiated Referendum petition to be presented to Clerk

What: The Keep Our Assets citizens initiated referendum petition to stop asset sales will be formally presented to the Clerk of Parliament.

When: Tuesday 12 March 2013, 12.30pm

Where: A procession of petitioners will leave from the Cenotaph on the corner of Lambton Quay and Bowen Street at 12.30pm and move up to the steps of Parliament where the petition will be handed over. 

Who: Grey Power President and Keep Our Assets petitioner and spokesperson, Roy Reid, Keep Our Assets spokesperson Arena Williams, Labour Party leader David Shearer, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman, New Zealand First leader Rt Hon Winston Peters, Mana leader Hone Harawira, Council of Trade Unions Secretary Peter Conway.

The Keep Our Assets coalition will formally present its petition to trigger a citizens initiated referendum on the Government’s asset sales programme on Tuesday 12 March at 12.30 at Parliament.

The presentation event will include speeches from the Keep Our Assets coalition spokespeople and leaders, and the building of a wall of petition boxes. 

“The Government should listen to what every day New Zealanders are saying about asset sales, and give them a chance to vote on just their asset sales plans,” said Keep Our Assets spokesperson Roy Reid.

“Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Kiwis have got behind this referendum, both signing the petition and helping to collecting signatures. It has been a real citizens’ effort.

“Only four other referendum petitions have ever gathered the required number of signatures to trigger a referendum. It is no small feat, and the large number of signatures highlights the public’s strong opposition to asset sales.”

The coalition will be submitting between 390,000-400,000 signatures for checking. Approximately 308,000 valid signatures will be required to trigger a referendum. Previous referendum petitions have had up to a 20% error rate, hence the buffer between required signatures and submitted signatures.

The counting of the petition signatures is the responsibility of the Clerk and will take around two months. When the petition is reported back to Parliament, the Government has one month to determine how and when the referendum will take place.

A referendum must be held within one year of the verified petition being presented to Parliament.

For more information:Roy Reid, Grey Power President, 03 525 9242
Andrew Campbell, 021 243 8573
Fran Mold, 021 500 237

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