Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This week tax payer's foot the bill...

Hekia Parata didn’t like the newly appointed chief of the education department. Now we’ve never been told why. Was it because she was slimmer than Hekia Parata, or because she was brighter, or that she dressed with greater flare than Hekia Parata. Could it have been that she was paid much more than Hekia Parata? Now it could have been all these things or one of a hundred reasons known only to that John Key Queen of communication, the wife of a want-to-be National Party President and Cabinet Minister who sixty percent of voters think shouldn’t have been re-appointed a Minister. She is without doubt the most expensive and under-qualified education Minister ever to hold office. And the icing on the cake has just now become known:

The Government has just paid out four hundred and sixty thousand dollars to the past boss of the Education Department after only 13 months in the job [she had signed up for five years]

So the first half million dollars from the sale of Mighty River Power has not been spent to reduce debt, or build new schools or hospitals but to pay off the boss of the Education Department so that Hekia Parata can yet again stomp the stage as educations leading lady…Also this week:

The PM will be seeking advice from and giving advice to, a newly elected President of a country absolutely over-run by drug cartels and the US Mafia. A country that has so far seen 26,000 citizens murdered or gone missing in just the last seven years: That country is Mexico, I wonder if he will discuss movie actors’ wages with the President and tell him that our Kiwi actors are now paid less than his.

According to the PM’s press release Mexico has a rapid growing economy and in areas other than simply drugs, but he fails to say what exactly, money laundering maybe. Mighty River Power people are traveling with the PM hoping to sell a few shares no doubt, possibly to the drug cartels or their front-men.

According to a earlier press release the PM is also donning his best toupee and visiting that great production centre of illegal drug manufacture Colombia; this is a first for a NZ PM so I’m told. I hope that customs back here in New Zealand will check out fully using the best sniffer dogs available all their luggage on their return to our shores.

Meantime Steven Joyce suggests that the Novopay stuff up might get even worse before it gets better. [How can it possibly get worse?] We should never forget that Steven Joyce was the guy who helped plan the Brethren Church ‘vote National campaign’ and we all know how that came back to bite the Nats.

One really strange text in the Manawatu Standard suggested that ‘Teachers shouldn’t worry, because they’ll get paid sooner or later’, can you beat that for ignorance, it was unsigned.
When people work, including teachers and school staff don’t they deserve to get paid? In the case of teachers and most others the answer is yes, and they should be paid on time, and they should get paid the due amount. Don’t they have bills to pay, children to feed.

It’s been an interesting week thus far…PM and Wife off on a holiday to South America, Hekia Parata gets a victory in the fashion stakes but gets a big ‘F’ as education minister and Steven Joyce concedes defeat while lapping up the crumbs from Hekia Parata’s leftovers…

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