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Organisation for Treaty Alarmists Inc.

New Zealand Centre for Political Research

Have you heard of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research? Their address is a PO Box number in Whangarei.
What about the Independent Constitutional Review? Their address too is a PO Box number in Whangarei…funny that.
Now who are the leading players in both these organisations [If we can call them that]?
They are not a mixed bunch, they are all white and mainly imports.

Dr Muriel Newman
NZCPR Founder and Director
Muriel Newman established the public policy think tank, the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, in 2005 after nine years as a Member of Parliament. Her background is in business - as the Assistant General Manager of Michael Hill Jeweler - and education. She is a former Chamber of Commerce President and currently serves as a director of a children’s trust.
Frank Newman
NZCPR Associate Director
Frank Newman is the author of numerous books on investment matters and the creator of the NZ Investment Game, which is available from Frank lectures part-time in property at Massey University and is a director of Smart Business Centre Accounting.
David Round
NZCPR Research Associate
David Round teaches law at the University of Canterbury and is author of "Truth or Treaty”, “Commonsense Questions about the Treaty of Waitangi".
Dr Ron Smith
NZCPR Research Associate
Dr Ron Smith is Co-Director of International Relations and Security Studies at Waikato University.  He has a particular interest in nuclear policy and, more generally, in energy and security issues. Tertiary qualifications in both Chemistry and Philosophy also underpin an interest in the interface between science and society.
Mike Butler
NZCPR Research Associate
Mike Butler is a property investor and manager. He is the author of "The First Colonist -- The life and times of Samuel Deighton 1821-1900", a former contract writer for the New World Encyclopedia, and he was the chief sub-editor of the Hawke’s Bay Herald-Tribune between 1986 and 1999. 
Katrina Jensen
NZCPR Administrator
Katrina Jensen has a background in Human Resources and Administration, most recently working for a Wellington-based IT company.  She is currently at home with a young son, and works part-time for the NZCPR.

But hey we are all imports of some sort, unless we happen to be Maori and while there are those crazy enough to believe that a bunch of Celtic explorers arrived here before the Maori but that rather strange view is not readily accepted by anyone. Somehow the group above mustered up some cash and brought a half page in the Sunday Times, [Sunday June 9th 2013] now I know the Sunday Newspapers are all in decline so they would have been happy to receive the ad.
The big spenders are really worried about the creation of a ‘Race-based Constitution’ it’s got the so-called political Research Centre, operating out of a PO Box in a spin. The headline in the ad proclaims,

New Zealand, are we about to be crippled…permanently”.

It then goes on to state that the dirty deal is being hatched between the evil National Party and the Treaty [Waitangi] loving Maori Party. The goal of the evil Nat’s and their support parties and especially the Maori Party is to takeover the country for the sole benefit of Maori and particularly the Maori elite. Any Maori academic is elitist in their view.

David Round. 

Let’s look at who is spreading this alarmist rubbish, firstly David Round, well if you’d heard him talk on the National Radio when he spoke with Jim Mora you’d have quickly realised that his views are strange and white racist both in tone and content. While there is nothing wrong with that, for NZ has its fair share of anti-Maori racists and no doubt will continue to do so for some years yet. It would seem that David Round has jumped onto the Anti-Treaty band wagon, by producing a welter of garbage about treaty issues, which are picked up by those of a like alarmist mind?  

You may perhaps have seen, reasonably early on Waitangi Day, a debate on the Marae programme on Television One, about whether the Treaty of Waitangi is holding New Zealand back. It was recorded in Auckland a couple of days earlier, and involved four speakers ~ Stephen Franks and Tim Wikiriwhi for the motion, and Hana O’Regan and Matthew Hooton against. There was a hand-picked studio audience, reflecting a rich diversity of points of view ~ on the whole, given television’s limitations as a medium of information and debate, it was a good start in considering a vital issue where political correctness usually does not allow any debate at all. I must add, though, that I do not think that the eventual vote of the studio audience (only 35% believing that the Treaty is holding New Zealand back, and 65% believing that it does not) reflects the attitude of the country at large.

Now who wrote those words…David Round, yes, the very same David Round of the ‘NZ Centre for Political Research’? I watched the same TV programme and the audience didn’t seem to have been made by huge numbers of Maori, but I don’t doubt that if ‘Treaty Alarmist David Round was present then some of his supporters would have been present as well…they follow him around like sheep to the slaughter.

Now Dr Muriel Newman, as you may be aware was an ACT party list MP who like Stephen Franks another ACT list MP both cuddled up to the National Party back in those heady days for the ACT party, when they actually had some MP’s in parliament through the kindness of the Nat’s bequeathing them an electorate seat, you know those wonderful caring community minded chaps like Roger Douglas. Yet they failed to do a deal with National over, for example Maori electorate seats. They were not there as ACT list MP’s for that reason, they were there to make money not friends.

Most political parties realise that the Treaty of Waitangi was and still is a treaty between two competing groups, Maori, now represented by the Waitangi Tribunal and other Maori structures, and the Crown, represented by the Government. In fact it would not be incorrect to suggest that the signing of the treaty was in modern political terms the first step in creating a new nation. Most political parties have agreed that the Maori seats should remain until Maori no longer desire them. That is not race based politics, that’s simply common sense with a touch of humanness, simply because of the election process. If Maori go on the Maori roll they cannot vote on the general role, they only get one vote as do we all. The other clear indicator is that as Maori elect to go on the general role the number of Maori seats will decline accordingly and automatically, what could be fairer than that?

What Muriel Newman and her bunch of treaty alarmists fail to explain is if, the Waitangi Tribunal is destroyed, what will replace it? And this brings us to the real reason that drives this bunch of treaty alarmists…it is money! The one driver that bred the ACT party, the party name says it all, the ‘Association of Concerned Taxpayers’ and in the end has all but destroyed it, John Banks was given a seat by National over a cup of tea and is awaiting conviction or otherwise for breaking the law and telling fibs on official documents not once but twice..  

The sub group, the Independent Constitutional Review Panel [Treaty alarmists] has been established by a group of New Zealanders The members of the Independent Constitutional Review Panel are.

David Round Independent Constitutional Review Panel Chairman Law Lecturer, Canterbury University; NZCPR Associate

Associate Professor Elizabeth Rata, Deputy Head of, School of Critical Studies in Education, Auckland University.

Professor Martin Devlin (ONZM) Professor Emeritus, Massey University 

Professor James Allan Garrick Professor of Law, University of Queensland

Mike Butler NZCPR Associate Mike Butler is a property investor and manager.

NZCPR Founder and Director: Muriel Newman.

In their alarmist ad in the Sunday Times none of their names appear but they do make a plea for donations and they are not cheap, $50.00, $100, $500 or a $1000 would be nice. This propergander driven bunch of mostly unknown and failed ACT party members have linked to a few so-called academics who like each others alarmist views. They have every right to join together and create alarmist fairy tales, but by the same token you have the right to ignore their extremist views of race relations in NZ.

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