Friday, 7 June 2013

Peter Dunne, Andrea Vance, part company.


Peter Dunne, Minister to all Prime Ministers, all Governments, regardless of principle or policy, has resigned as a Minister [of Revenue]. His email inter-connections to past Manawatu Standard reporter Andrea Vance have brought about his down fall.

John Key quickly forgot his kind words about Peter in Parliament where he declared Peter one of his most trusted Ministers…and accepted his resignation like a bullet…between the eyes of poor trusty Peter Dunne, man of all seasons and parties.

What a week, firstly his party United Future died a quick death when it couldn’t muster the required 500 members, even with the Speaker of House saving Peter’s skin by making an amazing ruling that Peter could remain the leader of a party that had ceased to exist by law! All during that debacle Key was saying what a wonderful and trustworthy young chap Peter was. So dependable and honest…but alas it was hurting National so he had to go: Key really dislikes losers…first Aaron Gilmore and now ever trusted Peter Dunne, Gilmore got the chop because he represented the arrogance of National and Dunne got the chop because he was caught out embarrassing John Key over the GCSB covert spying affair.

Dunne fell on his sword while Andrea Vance dances on the head of a pin whilst Fairfax Media declares that it won’t reveal her information source…Come on…she sent 41 emails to Peter Dunne and he sent 42 to her as a reporter at the Dom-Post…

We should praise Peter Dunne if he did in fact blow the whistle on John Keys relationship with both the hiring of a best mate for the top job at the GCSB and his memory fades of the proven illegal behaviour of the GCSB’s treatment of Kim Dotcom and 86 other New Zealanders.

Here is Peter Dunne’s self styled confession…   

Statement By Hon Peter Dunne MP
Friday, 7 June 2013, 4:08 pm
Press Release: United New Zealand 

Statement By Hon Peter Dunne MP

“I am extremely concerned and upset by the Henry Report’s findings regarding the unauthorised release of the Kitteridge Report in so far as they relate to me.

“While I did not leak the report, and challenge Fairfax to confirm that, some of my actions after I received an advance copy of the report were extremely unwise and lacked the judgement reasonably expected of a Minister in such circumstances.

“I accept full responsibility for that.

“The sole reason why I did not disclose the full content of my emails was because of my strong belief that citizens, be they constituents, members of the public or journalists, ought to be able to communicate with their elected representatives in confidence if they wish, and we tamper with that right at our collective peril.

“However, be all that as it may, I acknowledge that I have not lived up to the high professional standards I have always set myself as a Minister.

“I have therefore concluded that I cannot continue to function effectively in these circumstances, given the lapses of judgement I have shown.

“The honourable course for me to follow now is to offer my resignation as a Minister.

“I do so with a very heavy heart and a great deal of reluctance, but acknowledge there is no credible alternative.

“The UnitedFuture Party’s confidence and supply agreement with the National-led Government is not affected by my decision, and we will continue to honour that agreement in letter and spirit as we have done for the last four and a half years.

“The last few days have been especially difficult for my wife and family, whose support throughout I acknowledge with huge gratitude; for my staff, whose careers will be affected, for my friends, and colleagues in the UnitedFuture Party.

“My focus from now will be on representing my Ōhariu constituents and rebuilding my party, UnitedFuture.

“I will take a couple of questions now, but will not be making any further comment after this press conference.

“For my family’s sake, I request that our privacy be respected at this difficult time.”


Anonymous said...

We know you wont go Peter cos John still needs your vote.

Anonymous said...

Jenny Shipley kept power with Alamein Kopu for 3 years. No reason Pete shouldn't keep John sweet. She only popped down to Wellington for a cup of tea occaisionally. It would suit Dunne fine to do the same.