Thursday, 12 September 2013

Labour votes this weekend.

Well, three weeks has passed and the three labour party leadership candidates have gone head to head…and the party now makes its choice…
The main stream media and the Nats bloggers have all spun their tales, created disharmony where little existed…that failing Auckland News Paper the Herald…has filled its pages with endless crap by so-call political experts and half baked journalists, who represent Neo-Liberalist failed policy have all expressed their blinkered views, but their opinions are not worth the paper on which they are printed. Why, because they can’t vote on the issue. Right now they must be asking themselves a question, how come we can’t vote for Nationals leader? And the answer is simple, because the National Party is undemocratic in shape and process; leaders in the Nats structure buy their way to the top and have done so for years
Toby Manhire put it this way:
"If I were a member of the Labour Party, I'd be, on balance, pleased with the road show of the last few weeks. If I were a member of the National Party, I'd be wondering: how come I don't get to vote on the leader of my party? "
Inequality under National is a planned strategy, it is not an accident of the economic times, it is a highly developed and organised process of wealth transference. This from the Alliance Party tells it like it is:
John Key is not just some affable buffoon – he is ruthlessly carrying out the true function of the National Party which is to suck up as much wealth as possible for the richest 5-10% of the population... carrying with on the transfer of wealth from the majority to a tiny elite that accelerated under Rogernomics and continues today.  (That’s why I think the term “inequality” is inadequate – it sounds like some kind of condition which just exists rather than being the result of a vicious process).
Following his latest gift of $30 million dollars of our money to the shareholders of Rio Tinto Zinc (the Queen is a big shareholder BTW) against Treasury advice he has now over ruled the commission which is charged with regulating the price charged for the monopoly copper wire network (owned by Chorus, a Telecom company) with the result that consumers will pay over time some $600 million more than they should for phone and internet connections. The reason (not a justification) for this is that Chorus is afraid that if copper wire is significantly cheaper than the new ultra fast fibre optic network not enough people will take up the more expensive option!
Small in comparison is the $2 million (but may be doubled) that is being taken out of our pockets to help businesses affected by the Fonterra “botulism” debacle. Why is Fonterra not paying this? [Quote ends]
Why is it that whenever business stuffs up, the tax payer bails them out, we’ve seen it with Keys’ gift to Hollywood, South Canterbury Finance, AMI, Sky City. While at the same time changing the law to stop care givers being paid a fair wage and even changing the law to prevent the Prime Minister, police, GCSB and SIS from being prosecuted for breaking the law in a half-a-dozen different ways. If you or I did what they’ve done we would be in court in a flash.
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