Monday, 30 September 2013

Asset Referendum November this year.

These words are very real.

As was predicted, the asset sales process has been an expensive mistake. [So far almost a hundred million] and its your money being washed down the river…

The Government spent $125 million dollars selling half of Mighty River Power and just 2% of Kiwis bought shares. The public is losing $2 million a week in dividends, much more than we are saving in interest on Government borrowing.

Now the Government is selling the largest energy company, Meridian. In a desperate attempt to drum up sales they have introduced a crazy "buy now pay later scheme", giving away interest free loans to buy shares - at a huge cost to all of us.
These assets and those that have not been sold yet must stay in New Zealand ownership to secure a strong, economic future. Be part of the movement to get that message to all corners of New Zealand.

John Key has already packed a sad…he has stated that he will simply ignore the outcome of the referendum…this is typical behaviour of a dictator in drag… but seriously folks Key considers himself a world famous salesman, and you are the actual owners of what he is selling off. He treats you as simply pawns, in his ego driven obsession to remove public ownership for many aspects of our Kiwi way of life. 

If he is successful at fooling the public over our already owned power and airline companies, the next step will our schools which he has already started privatising, by introducing Charter Schools. And after that maybe our public hospitals will appear on the list.

This is the wee chap who refuses to exempt first home buyers from a twenty percent deposit level to allow them to get their first home. And he bullshits us that its to stop interest rates rising…this is just grap of the highest order. 

He changed the law so Sky City could make millions from pokie machines; he gave a $30 million gift to Rio-Tinto, 40 Million to MediaWorks, and 60 million to Hollywood.

A winning margin will introduce a clear direction to both the Labour Party and others to join with the front line effort of the greens and stop the privatisation and introduce sound and solid policies to reverse the mass privatisation plans of the present Government, and thereby put a large dent in the pockets of the few from the pockets of the many. 

What can you as individuals do to be a part of the massive collective force, needed to drive back into their black holes those that would rip away the nations wealth and pocket the profit. This referendum vote gives you a chance to fight back and defeat the billionaires who are running our nation for their gain.    

This from the Greens:

“Earlier this month we got confirmation that we had successfully collected 327,224 valid signatures, thousands more than needed to trigger a referendum on asset sales.
Now we can make it crystal clear to John Key that he does not have a mandate to sell our assets, by winning the referendum.
Can you help us to mobilise the vote against the sales?

So come on and do your bit. Key hopes that you will be too busy with Christmas planning, prove him wrong.

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