Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Queen and Philip chat about Keys Visit

The prime minister and his wife Bronagh and children Stephie and Max this weekend was holidaying with the Windsors at the most intimate of royal residences, Scotland's Balmoral Castle, at the invitation of Her Majesty. While there will be some photo opportunities available to the MSM, Wheeler’s Corner was very much closer to the real action.
Wheeler’s Corner Eavesdropper employed by the GCSB security team just happened to hear what the Queen and Prince Philip thought about the visit…Eavesdropper was working with MI5, viewing and listening in via the monitoring system used by Balmoral Castle. The British secret service is closely connected to our GCSB via the five eyes agreement.
Here is a reported conversation between the Queen and Prince Philip which was made available to the US, English, Australian, Canadian and NZ security services.

“He’s a funny fellow, that Key Chap isn’t he Philip dear”, said the Queen.
“Oh I agree, but all those chaps are like that, it sort of goes with the profession I suppose”, said Philip as he scratched his nose.
“What sort of chaps darling cuddly bun”, muttered the Queen sounding very royal in a motherly kind of way as she checked her latest bank balance.
“You know car salesmen and money pushers, you remember that Larry Summers chap from America…he talked the same way as wee Prime Minister Key, John is it not”, said Prince Philip.
“Oh I see what you mean, Summers’ tried to sell us a few derivatives products and wee John tried to get us to sell him 49% of Balmoral Castle…he thinks old dear that we could make millions on the deal and we could use that money for a new royal yacht”, said the Queen, proving that even in her nineties her memory is excellent.
“I’ve never been one to believe all that finance stuff, I mean really old dear, how can you sell what you already own and using that money to buy something you don’t really need, and what if the 49 percent decide they want to sell their shares to others living off shore…My God Liz we might have foreigners on our Castle management team”, uttered Prince Philip moving his scratching from his nose to his elbow.
“Oh Philip I love it when you call me Liz, takes me back to the old days in the 1950’s, but I agree I think we should give Key’s. John isn’t it, schemes a miss, I’m mean the Americans have just sacked that Larry Summers chap because his plans have turned to custard…I think Key [John that is] may be gone next year”, said Liz Queen of England and NZ.
The MI5 listening in ceased when they heard Prince Philip snoring and saw the Queen pull out her calculator as she worked on her bank statement…
The tape was forwarded to the five eyes team because of the words underlined above triggered the automatic process.     

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