Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Do New Zealanders love war Do we lead or follow.

John Key and good mate Luigi Wewege.

I was seriously thinking that New Zealanders must be the world’s most stupid people, especially Kiwi men. Now I’m a Kiwi male am I saying I’m stupid? It would seem so since I like thousands headed off overseas to partake in the fight for freedom for others while ignoring the lack of freedom for some here in NZ.

We live alone on a couple of islands, with no real neighbours to bother us, just a lot of water which offers [or did] a natural barrier against the aggressors of this world. Yet our government offers our military services to all and sundry. Countless thousands of New Zealanders have died for others freedom, while our own country hands over its freedom of choice by bowing down to every request made by the worlds great power who can’t seem to keep its finger off the trigger.

We have participated in just about all the major wars in the twentieth century and now in the twenty-first. No country, not even Russia lost more of its young men proportionate to its population during the Second World War than we did. Not the UK, France, nor the US lost as many as we did [proportionately]. The question remains why?

It would seem that Kiwi’s just love to die overseas, helping their Allies against for example, Germans and Italians in Europe and Africa. The Americans against the Japanese in the Pacific, South Korea and the US against the North Koreans, then the Americans again against the North Vietnamese, the Malays against the Chinese-Malay Communists and Indonesians, the Americans once again against the Iraqis and Afghanis’.

When are we going to develop an independent international foreign policy that actually represents New Zealand rather than the United States or Britain? Seriously folks if we didn’t know that John Key was the NZ Prime Minister we could easily mistake him for a State Governor in any one of thirty or forty states in the US.

I want a New Zealand led by a Kiwi not some half-baked replica of a Republican party hack. Not some second rate Wall Street ‘Yes Man’, who lives in Hawaii and would love to be an American citizen. I want a leader that will ask the hard questions like, why should we defend US freedom, to imprison without trial, to murder civilians by the indiscriminate use of drones outside of the US?

Whale Oil, Key / Collins good mate and future leader?
I want a leader that will stop supporting state authorised murder by the Apartheid Israeli Government that is supported and supplied by US Corporations and military. While the world attempts to bring down barriers Israel builds a modern day Berlin wall, with our support.

I want a leader who can recall where he stood on the 1981 rugby tour by a racist selected South African team, I want a leader who can remember who he went to school with as he did with the now head of the GCSB Ian Fletcher, I want a leader who reads the papers or watches TV and knows that a hugely visible and large German gentleman Kim Dotcom lives in a mansion in his electorate. I want a leader whose friends are honest and trust worthy, unlike John Banks, Peter Dunne, Whale Oil [Slater], Luigi Wewege, Mike Hoskins etc.

Hasn’t the National Party got anyone suitable to represent NZ on the world scene? Where are their future leaders…do they have any? Bill English led National to its biggest ever defeat. Crusher Collins acts more like a member of the Russian Parliament and Steven Joyce looks more like a Mafia Don rather than a future leader.

Where have all the Norm Kirks gone…

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