Sunday, 4 May 2014

Judith Collins Nationals at large Diplomat runs amok

Judith Collins and good buddy John Key.

Judith Collins, national’s wonderful at large Chinese Milk Company diplomat, shines yet again…this time making unfounded accusations against a NZTV reporter.

Collins was attempting to cover up her husband’s shady dealings over his connections to a Chinese based company exporting logs from swamp lands in the far north. Many of the people and companies involved in this, some would suggest illegal trade, have criminal records. Her husband was also a key player in Collin’s unexplained and controversial involvement with Oravidas owner Stone Shi, managing director Julia Xu both of whom are according to Collins confessions are close and dear friends, and a senior Chinese border control official while on an official trip to China in December 2013.

It is thought that after this yet again shocking behaviour by Crusher Collins that Key needs to reassert his slippery and declining grip over Collins and her wind-blown utterances that are damaging his media and PR created and fading persona of control.

The clear evidence of thirteen MP’s not wishing to stand this election and the departure both forced and otherwise of a further six National MP’s in the past few years creates a clear and concise picture of a government out of control. It is starting to look more and more like the government and especially the cabinet is being run by shady Chinese businessmen with close links to the Communist regime in China.
Key plays golf with them and accepts donations from them [Oravida 56 thousand in 2011 and then 30 thousand more after Collins visit to Oravida’s Chinese head office in Shanghai for a private dinner date…yeah right.

But Judith Collins has been forced to apologise, she suddenly got her memory back, it is believed that she will be seeking medical help with her apparent onset of memory failures which have grown dramatically since her visit the China. TVNZ covered the issue fully on Sunday at 6pm.
In the midst of a crisis over the line between politics and business Justice Minister Judith Collins has apologised for suggesting a journalist sought her help on a police matter.
 TV One news, says Ms Collins referred to its political reporter Katie Bradford during an interview with TV3, saying a member of the press gallery approached her about her then husband having difficulty being recruited by the New Zealand Police.
Ms Bradford's mother is the former Green MP and frequently arrested protester Sue Bradford.
TVNZ's head of news and current affairs, John Gillespie, says he spoke to the minister on Sunday and she stated Katie Bradford never asked for help.
Katie Bradford released a statement saying the reported comments were a surprise to her.
"Back in 2010 my ex partner was considering applying for the police force - at the time it had been suggested to him that he might have an issue being accepted.
"I recall that this came up in informal conversation between the minister and me but I never asked her to intervene. As it was my then partner never formally applied to join the police."
Ms Collins has been tweeting prolifically all weekend and on Sunday she tweeted an apology to Ms Bradford.
"Katie I was answering questions abt wider public engagement. Yr example came to mind. Reflected on that. Shouldn't have.sorry"
Labour leader David Cunliffe then tweeted: "Sorry to put a damper on your weekend - but seriously, why is Judith Collins still a minister?!"
Ms Collins has been under fire since early March over the dinner she had with Oravida owner Stone Shi, managing director Julia Xu and a senior Chinese border control official while on an official trip to China in December 2013.
Ms Collins' husband, David Wong Tung, is a director of Oravida, a company that sells New Zealand dairy and food products in China.
Last week National's Maurice Williamson resigned as a minister after it emerged he called police after they arrested wealthy Chinese businessman Donghua Liu, whom Mr Williamson knew and had helped gain citizenship in 2010.

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