Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Internet Mana announce engagement

Well, Mana has done it, gee how shocking.
Mana has done what National has done for years and years
Mana has done what the Maori Party covertly has done for the last six years

According to some, Mana is very naughty doing what’s it’s done, because the poor are not meant to take advantage of the rich, only the rich are meant to do that.

I mean when the NZ First crowd who willingly took money from Mr Owen Glenn and likewise the Labour Party did the same, and when the Nats take thousands if not a million dollars from strange Chinese millionaires in return for…services unknown. Or the Maori Party accepts 75 thousand from the Prime Minister selling his services at a very expensive pot-luck lunch at a posh Auckland Club who up until recent times considered women to be second-class citizens. One could be excused for thinking that they would say little about the Internet Party and the Mana Party joining forces to fight off the evil empire made up of the National Party and its underlings, the ACT, United Future and Maori Parties joined now by the man in the moon party the Conservative born again Moonies. Just linking that bunch under the leadership of a Foreign Money Trader and Wall Street backroom operative is enough to make all respectable and civic minded citizens cringe in shame that we in New Zealand, once a country with a name to be proud of, have to put up with.

The Mana Movement, took a proposal to its membership, discussed and very strongly debated, I know because I was there, then democratically confirmed what was decided, negotiated and made public the outcome.

Did National do that when they sold out to Chinese millionaires, when they sold yours and mine confidential information to the US so that the US could legally murder our citizens. Were the Maori Party open and transparent when they reached out for the National Party’s gift of 75 thousand plus donation? Did the ACT Party act honestly when it was gifted a seat in Parliament and that even with the millions donated to the party over the last few years it still depends on a hands up sweet deal to even exist. Lastly United Future which really doesn’t exist, but Peter Dunne a person who will and has sold his soul so many times that he can’t remember when he last had contact with it, his soul that is.

Push forward Mana, use whatever strategy or plan of action that is required to achieve your clear goal, to remove Key and National and its bunch of hanger ons and make NZ once again a country to be proud off, a country free of the manipulation and crap of the Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson and John Key era that has been highlighted by its massive public lies, false economic outcomes, and public relations clap-trap.

New Zealand wants to be proud of once again by putting people first, and especially children and those in poverty…the first step forward is to ‘Change the present Government’, and from that point on anything is possible. Step forward and be counted...

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