Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Black Ops' comes out from under a rock.

‘Black Ops’ Boss finds missing back-bone.
Jason 'Black Ops' Ede

Spin doctor Jason Ede has come out from under his rock, washed off the slime, checked his bank account and trust fund…saw that the expected payments have been made from the National Party account…with a good sized bonus…so he then carried out his agreed side of the deal and handed in his resignation…from his role as hacker of computer programmes and go between for Cameron Slater and Wayne Eagleson, Aaron Bhatnagar, Simon Lusk, Cathy Odgers and Carrich Graham [the tobacco and booze pusher].

F and C Slater...
Cameron Slater has turned on poor wee Jason Ede and called him squeamish and gutless because of his unwillingness at failing to speak out when New Zealand’s top Investigative journalist Nicky Hager dropped the bombshell in his now bestselling book ‘Dirty Politics’ about how the Prime Minister and Justice Minister Judith Collins used this rag-tag bunch of National Party and John Key bootlickers to blacken the reputations of various people in both the opposition parties and even members of the National Party whom they disliked.
In calling Jason Ede squeamish and gutless Slater was being rather polite his normal language consists of words beginning with the letters F and C.
Still in announcing Ede’s departure the PM told Radio-Live [that highly intelligent radio station that Steven Joyce invests our tax-payers money in]

“That he would not agree with how Ede was characterised in Dirty Politics, but after 11 years of loyal service, Ede had decided it was time to move on and do something different. Slater has previously slammed Ede's refusal to front over the allegations, describing him as "squeamish" and gutless". "You are all claiming there is this vast conspiracy - it simply doesn't exist. That Jason Ede is some sort of ringmaster? In my view, Jason Ede is squeamish, and gutless," he told the New Zealand Herald. "And the fact he has gone to ground and hiding and not speaking to anybody suggests that's true."
Instead it issued a short statement.
"Jason Ede advised of his resignation, effective immediately, on Friday. Along with the Prime Minister and his office, we thank Jason for his 11 years of service to the National Party and wish him well for his future."
The party would not be making any further comment. 
 The National Party is refusing to elaborate this afternoon on Ede's resignation, declining a Fairfax request to speak with party president Peter Goodfellow. [Quote ends]

The truth is more likely that Peter Goodfellow is busy chatting to Chinese millionaires now the election is over…

So it would seem, as always the PM is gutless and would sooner buy off failures by allowing them to resign and paying them a big bonus. How much do you think it was? My guess is between ten and fifty thousand dollars…along with a free holiday in Hawaii…

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