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Reward for Jason Ede

Which one is Jason Ede [Top left] all the others are well known crap artists.

Where is Jason Ede?

Who is Jason Ede? This from the Jackal blog

Jason Ede is another go-between John Key and the National party employs to pass information on to their attack bloggers. Paid as a ministerial services staff member, Ede is in fact working directly for National's black op's team to undermine the opposition by passing on sensitive information, writing articles for and coaching right wing bloggers like Cameron Slater and David Farrar.

Jason Ede is in effect being paid by the taxpayer to promote the National party, which is clearly against the rules and raises further concerns about other ways the National party might be misusing taxpayer’s money. Clearly National isn't allowed to use public funds to secretly publish its propaganda attacking opposition parties through a third party.

In light of his role in the Dirty Politics scandal, John Key has tried to distance himself from the deceitful and unscrupulous Jason Ede. At the same time, Ede himself has tried to distance himself from those in the National party who were instructing him and the bloggers he was in turn working with to smear opposition parties.

Last Sunday, Stuff reported:

Jason Ede still has Beehive access

Prime Minister John Key says he can't explain why "black ops" spin doctor Jason Ede still has a staff access card to Parliament.

Ede is at the centre of claims in Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book, in which it is alleged he fed gossip, research and tips to Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.

Paid by the taxpayer as a ministerial services staff, Ede is also accused of infiltrating a Labour party database, which contained sensitive personal information. Slater said the website was insecure.

Ede was spotted in the Parliamentary complex last week - with a security access swipe card - despite National saying he is employed by them at the party's Wellington head office.
The dismally pathetic Jason Ede would have been trying to cover his tracks and attempting to remove evidence of his underhanded crimes against democracy. The problem for him and National is that there will still be a record of his collusion with their attack bloggers, because it appears the idiot propagandist used computers in Parliament that log all activity. This should make any investigation into his scurrilous activity and the evidence it uncovers pretty self-evident.
While John Key is trying to say that Jason Ede no longer works for the National party, he clearly does. In light of this lie you’ve got to wonder what exactly it will take for the Prime Minister to put his foot down and actually sack somebody.  Not only is Jason Ede a weak willed individual, it appears, through his inaction that the leader of the National party is as well. Jackal ends report.

It would appear that Key’s personal connections to the head of the GCSB and the appointment of yet another close acquaintance of the PM to the top job at the SIS has meant the Jason Ede can move at will between the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Party office in Wellington.
It has been rumored that Jason Ede could well be hiding out in a secret location in possibly Hawaii working to assist Cameron Slater develop public relations programmes for the Israeli government and which have already appeared on his now highly discredited Whale-oil blog site.
As the evidence above shows Jason Ede is not the brightest spark in the Slater / Farrar / Lusk / Odgers / Graham and Hotchin chain of once secret dirt diggers and takers of National Party kick-backs.
We know that Cameron Slater has broken the law and has been ordered by the courts to reveal his information sources, and that dozens of companies that once advertised on his blog site have now pulled their ads. Farrar is so entwined with Key and the Nats that trying to hide him would be impossible, after all the MSM rely on his input as they rarely carry out any investigative journalism these days…its press releases or nothing now days.
Lusk loves hunting and has most likely gone bush, but not before counting his cash payments from a half dozen National Party MP’s for getting them nominated for safe seats…Odgers lives in [at the moment] in Hong Kong where she works for a strange bunch of Chinese millionaires who may be planning to assassinate Nicky Hager, at least according to her really foul mouth e-mails, the language is so bad that it couldn’t be published in my unpretentious blog site.
So there you go, we’ve got three more years of this back stabbing and underhand official behaviour from John Key and Co…but don’t worry, if you are rich you’ll get a tax cut in three years’ time…yeah right…
The official reward has just risen to Ten thousand dollars for the where-a bouts of Jason Ede. Please contact Mr John Key Prime Minister of NZ at: [] to claim the reward.  

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I agree about the sleazebags, but aren't you playing the riches are all game to offer large amounts of money for info?