Thursday, 25 September 2014

A history lesson for National and Labour.

Why is the main stream overseas owned media [which fully supports the National Party] so concerned about the loss taken by the Labour Party?
They all shout and scream for Cunliffe blood and shout the hypocritical praise on Labour MP’s like Stuart Nash who won back Napier with the massive help of a Conservative nutter better known for his desire to lock up the NZ population in privately owned prisons, his name Garth McVicker a mental case if ever there was one. And McVicker was only around .8% short of being in governments with John Key

Oh what short and distorted memories some people have. Somewhere along the way our so called media clones like Paul Henry [a failed National candidate] seems to have forgotten an earlier moment in our history; a moment that makes Cunliffe and Labours defeat look like a victory, not a massive defeat. Then:

The National Party was led by none other than Simon William "Bill" English (born 30 December 1961) English entered parliament in 1990 as a National party MP representing the Wallace electorate.
 In 1999 English served as Minister of Finance for a brief period until National, under the unelected leadership of Jenny Shipley at the time, but she then lost the election later that year. In October 2001 he replaced Shipley as the leader of the National Party, but after a disastrous result in the 2002 election where the National Party won only 20% of the vote he was quickly replaced as the leader of the completely humiliated National Party by the strange and odd racist Don Brash in October 2003. And who later became yet another nutty leader of the Act Party… [John Keys bed-fellows]

English becomes leader of the Opposition

In October 2001, dissatisfaction with party leader Jenny Shipley had failed to abate, and English secured the backing of a majority of National Party MPs. English replaced Shipley as head of the National Party and thus as Leader of the Opposition.
However, English failed to improve the party's performance. In the 2002 elections, National suffered its worst electoral defeat ever, gaining barely more than twenty percent of the vote. Both party insiders and the general public were split as to how much to blame English for this loss, but most of the party believed that English would be able to rebuild National's support.
By late 2003, however, National's performance in opinion polls remained poor. The party had briefly increased its popularity in the year following the election, but by October its support had fallen to levels only slightly better than what it achieved in the last ballot.

The National Party had three defeats in a row and after having the leadership hijacked and purchased by returning derivatives manipulator and now millionaire John Key, he set about ensuring that his 2IC was and could never be a menace to his take-over of the PM’s position, so he opted for failed Bill English as his impossible successor.

But the point that needs to be understood here is that after the absolute collapse of National after its horrific association with sacked National Party minister and then leader of the NZ first party Winston Peters who was sacked yet again by Jenny Shipley, and who is now chief adviser to Chinese dairy companies   

So what happened at this latest election is nothing new, it doesn’t mean the world has fallen in, it means that for now dirty politics works, that the sneaky hand of Cameron Slater, the rip-off abilities of Simon Lusk, the creepy behaviour of black Ops spin doctor and now paid and departed Jason Ede along with the introduction of Key’s best school buddy and now boss of the GCSB Ian Fletcher it means that Key has wrapped up his position and when coupled via Steven Joyce to the MSM and Judith Collins to the Justice and Police departments and not forgetting other fully controlled clone ministers too numerous to list, the road ahead for anyone with democratic emotions will be under attack…while Ede has fled and taken his loot someone else has replaced him we just don't know whom.

The fact is as the poor get poorer and rich grow fatter the rich life style will become threatened hence you won’t find Key selling his mansion in Hawaii…  

Life will go on, the Labour Party will get over its ego and in the end a new leader will arise. He or she may move in from overseas and the leadership will survive.  Just as John Key did using all his ill-gotten gains from ripping off overseas countries. Yesterday and even still today some call that corrupt behaviour smart, some idiots even call it intelligent, but history may tell a different story. 

History may tell us that Key was in fact a expert follower rather than a leader, he has meekly followed Obama and other leaders to hell and back as they murder on a massive scale, followed corrupt but rewarding Chinese millionaires, followed the Bank of America and Merrill Lynch into bankruptcy and bailout mode and judging by our massive overseas debt is directing us down the same rotten path. He has been and still is a super YES man. But not to worry we are Hobbits and Hobbits simply obey…that is until we revolt…and that may not be so very far away...whats a year or two... 

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