Friday, 12 June 2015

A dynamic discussion about society

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 13th June 2015

If you can... watch this, it is about an hour long, but if you have the time it is well worth while. It's clarity is dynamic and it stands out for all the women who take part…which reinforces for me just how strong some women are regarding social issues. 

They are for me the driving force behind social change.

If this fails to move you emotionally, then you must have a heart of stone. For it reinforces the underlying view that government doesn’t really give a hoot about those living in poverty. Making those in most need wait 307 days for a 17 dollar increase really does show how mean spirited the government actually is. All the rhetoric and PR crap cannot hide the lack of empathy and behaviour that we today accept as the norm.
I repeat please if you can look and listen and if you can share with others.    

Peter J Wheeler

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