Friday, 19 June 2015

Dylann Roof an early warning.

After reading the above, you may well feel grateful that we here in NZ have gun control laws that at least limit the damage done by racial bigots. It’s easy to simply say that it couldn't happen here, but that is no answer in real terms.

The difference here is that at least we have developed the ways and means of demanding some sense of equality and justice by accepting a series of laws and behaviours that represent an acceptance of differences as the norm rather than the exception.

This is Dylann Roof the 21 year old self-confessed murderer of nine black Americans; his jacket shows the flags of White South Africa and white Rhodesia. His parents gave him a pistol for his birthday. He is a so-called Christian, and he is not alone in his hatred. I can only hope his parents realise just what they created. For it would appear that the deeply ingrained racial hatred was taught and that the birthday gift was simply the trigger to enable him to put into action his learned behaviour. He wasn’t born a killer…but his cultural back ground turned him into one. In fact it appears that he was taught to hate…that’s not education its brain washing of the highest order.

Yes his hate crime should be a lesson to us all, we must not use his mental state as an excuse, nor the open availability of weapons, [I mean what other country has a bunch of idiots like the US National Rifle Association deciding the gun laws for a nation].

I’m sure I’m stating the obvious when I say that all of us have a duty to teach our children to respect all peoples with understanding and the acceptance of cultural differences is a key role in this enlightenment.

Here in NZ we have been awash with anti-Muslim language via our politicians and our main stream media, we must remain alert and pro-active in bringing back a perspective that leads to respect for and understanding of differences in both the social and cultural behaviours that we both teach and follow.  

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