Friday, 27 November 2015

The people speak out on climate change.

Hundreds march in Palmerston North

The Square comes alive for a good reason.
 Which does the PM prefer another photo op with the All-Blacks, pony tails on waitresses, or doing something about man’s inhumanity to our earth, by pandering to some farmers?

I’ve just returned from attending the Palmerston North march around the Square organised by the youth of our city. I was but one of hundreds. The message was clear. Set some meaningful targets to combat climate change and stop creeping and crawling to the US

NZ once led the world but now we are simply followers of the money movers.

The marches around NZ are a part of a world-wide effort and it has been a huge success, Auckland ten thousand plus, Wellington seven more thousand, Christchurch many thousands etc. check out this report from radio NZ…RNZ puts our biased TV channel to shame…Radio NZ reports the news while TV distorts and manipulates it.

Women led the way, as usual.
   We must get our leaders to lead, we must stop the PR crap, and once again lead the world by designing and committing to realistic and meaningful goals. Tim Groser could do much-much better in regard to climate change than he did over the rotten deal we got over the TPPA. 

The only thing that Groser understands is selling us short and under Keys direction sell us short as a nation...when are Groser and Key going to show some guts. 

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