Friday, 15 January 2016

Bryan Gould reveals Prime Minister's SPY controlling the GOVERNOR GENERAL!

Bryan Gould.

Read this and you may think it could mean that the Herald has at last developed a 'backbone' and is using Bryan Gould's highly intelligent article as a way of condemning the PM's and G.G. behaviour, or lack of action is a cunning if not gutless indicator of now low the Herald has sunk.

Using Bryan Gould in an guest investigative journalistic role...would allow the 'Herald' to pretend it is an still an independent news outlet when it is in fact little more that a national party mouth piece.

Bryan's item is well worth a read...I think the Herald is becoming more and more concerned by the massive growing numbers opposing the PM's dictatorial and psychotic irrational behaviour over the TPPA

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Anonymous said...


I raised the issue of an appeal to Mataparae to recall this government, to Action Station a long time ago.
Nothing happened as far as I’m aware. It is probably lingering in the ;Too Hard’ basket still.
Go back in recent history to the Sacking of Gough Whitlam, By G.G. Kerr at the behest of Malcolm Fraser.
It can be done. Mataparae was director of GSCB, until sidelined in favour of Fletcher, a Kreyp Crony, and
appears to have been bought off by appointment as Governor General. He’ll be doing NOTHING to rock
the boat. It’s high time we reverted to the earlier practice of the Queen appointing some Pommy retard
to the position of G.G. At least there would be a degree of independence, and allegiance to Her Majesty!