Friday, 22 January 2016

A little history of the TPPA coruption.

The birth of the corruption now known as the TPPA

“Where have all the labour heroes gone? Long-time passing,
Where have all the labour party members gone;
Gone for knighthoods everyone, When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Roger Douglas / Peter Talley / John Key types] Yes it’s true that real people and their present or future welfare plays no part in accumulating excess and unnecessary wealth, crushing them is simply part of the standard process of growing fat off the efforts of others. Today these despicable types have become pretend heroes who are adored by the media. This is obvious when one considers the rise of the ‘Yes people mob, like Mike Hosking’s or Paul Henry and especially the creepy behaviour of Key in regard to pony tails and All Black dressing rooms. When did all this media manipulation start on a massive scale? Some would correctly suggest that David Lange’s handpicked Roger Douglas financial weirdo could have earned this dishonour.   
Yes it is true that sometimes open betrayal is the most profitable route for those who hunger for more personal wealth. [The

Roger Douglas
Roger Douglas cunningly but openly betrayed his so-called political party; he robbed the poor and rewarded the manipulating selfish few. One of those whom Douglas hugely assisted was John Key, the son of an immigrant welfare beneficiary and recipient of a State house and a family benefit.
Douglas opened up the NZ Financial markets and this allowed Key to manipulate the buying and selling of the NZ currency with a huge capital and tax free gain for Keys employer who in turn handed over huge bonus payments to Key.
Key [ a State funded qualified accountant] was in seven-heaven, all his dreams of unearned wealth came true, and to prove how grateful he was, wait for it…a few years later he knighted Roger Douglas. And that greedy and actual secret mobster became a financial mobster, like key.
He, [Douglas that is] created the super right-wing bunch of nutters later known as the ACT party.

And so New Zealand was set onto a downward path of ever declining security for the great bulk of its population as we started the massive selloff of the New Zealand way of life that we had with a great deal of struggle had designed, fought for and introduced from around 1935.

Douglas started the mad rush toward human hell by privatising anything that moved, Ruth Richardson with her “mother of all budgets” continued the brutal, planned and stupidly wasteful oppression of those on low wages or benefits.

When that bunch of right-wing neoliberalists were dumped yet another new bunch of so-called left-wing neoliberalists under Helen Clark continued with the individual wealth making behaviour taking the population even further and more quickly down the path toward greater inequality and ultimately poverty. The gap between the haves and the have-nots became not so much as a gap but an ever deepening crevasse. Helen Clark and her bunch never ever cancelled the inhuman cuts made by mad Ruth Richardson.

So in truth it mattered little if you voted National, Labour or even for the ACT drones, or believe it or not if you voted for fancy haired Peter Dunne, what you got was a weirdo bunch of neoliberalist want-to-be-rich-or-richer idiots who thought mostly about themselves rather than the nation as a whole.

Put simply the general so-called middle-class willingly accepted the public relations clap-trap that a one-sided partnership between the money and employer classes and a bribe prone   government [be it Labour or National] was the best that we as a country could hope for.

Now we could spend hours debating which of the above past or present leaders were and still are in some cases most responsible for the corruption, back stabbing, and self-seeking bunch of nitwits we sometimes referred to as our government. But that of course would simply prolong the stupid situation that presently exists around the TPPA so-called debate.

Think about the process:

Helen Clark supported by her undercover neoliberals seeks a TPPA style [trade?] agreement.
The United States reaches the conclusion that it needs to be a part of this arrangement because it is vital to their policing of the world. It concludes that it can’t keep being at war forever and using its military as the major weapon to control other governments / countries law making as they attempt to look after their separate citizens. The US sees the TPPA style of deal as the best means of economic control.

This is vital because China is becoming a direct danger to the US’s world domination [dictatorship]. Couple this with the US military ability to use drones to take out any opposition or activity that impedes military progress. It also needs a handover of judicial and local [law making] control to enable control by mainly its corporate bodies who are answerable to no one but themselves.

It is these corporates with the power to sue governments including the NZ Government which is so concerning to a huge majority of Kiwi individuals.

The problem is that all our media ownership [TV3, all our print media including our local weekly give-aways plus our massive number of commercial radio outlets] here are owned and controlled from overseas by the very corporations who are deciding the content of the TPPA. The bulk of the so-called agreement is not about free trade or even fair trade, it is about control by corporations increasing their copy-write laws, exclusive work place control and of course the control and manipulation of medical services and medication and treatment.
Well many thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Kiwi’s are sick of being misled, bulls***** to, lied to and ignored by the media…

Do you hear the people sing? That moving song from Les Misérables. Have a listen to that moving song:

These people protesting are not [as suggested by List MP, recent National Party new comer and nose in the pig feeder Jono Naylor] a rent a crowd. But are everyday caring people with a social conscience: Something difficult for him to understand:




Gerald Tait said...

The more insidious ways that Douglas, Prebble and Bassett changed the landscape were in changing the taxation systems. Local body rates were changed from land value to capital value which was promoted to being fairer. Land values are higher in the inner cities reflecting the ground rents that can be charged, but with the change to capital value properties in Wellington's outlying suburb Newlands had a rates rise while the inner city had theirs lowered.
There was also a 2% land tax on commercial land over the value of $160,000, (nearer a million dollars in today's money,) which was reduced by 0.5% a year from 1988. The following year the GST was raised from 10% to 12.5% presumably to cover the deficit of $125 million. The 2% land tax brought in $600 million, but when it finally all came off in 1992 the National government was in deficit by a further $450 million. The deficit was reduced by the benefit cuts in Ruth Richardson's 1992 Mother of all budgets.
As GST is a regressive tax, that is it affects the poor more than the rich, not only did the the poor have reduced benefits, but needed to pay more for essentials out of their discretionary income.
The Reserve Bank Act was another "Tool" (A favourite word by economists when they just need to use "method") brought in by the Douglas neo-classical economists with the supposed aim of controlling inflation. When it was introduced the inflation was measured by looking at wages and prices (standard items in a supermarket trolley) and "house prices." Of course if an Auckland house is conveyed to south of Hokitika it is the same price plus the cartage, but the real change is in the land price.
When the Asian Invasion happened in Auckland during 1997 to 2001 the Reserve Bank (Don Brash) raised interest rates up to 12% to counter the inflationary land pressure. This had absolutely no effect on Auckland until the invasion stopped due to the collapse of the Asian economies.
Thereafter "House prices" were taken out of the equation and reliance was placed only on wages and prices, but then if you think about it, wages are prices and prices are wages. They work in tandem.
The land price inflation which is called "Underlying inflation" by economists means wages are so depressed that first or even second home buyers can not enter the Auckland house market. That is why the inflation rate is the lowest it has been for thirty years. Underlying inflation is ignored.
Think of underlying inflation as being like dark matter which is considered to occupy 80% of the universe. Dark matter controls the shape of galaxies due to its gravitational effect, but it can't be detected by astronomers.
The conclusion is that Roger Douglas' Reserve Bank Act is an ineffectual heap of rubbish and the calls by renegade economists to re-introduce land taxes with the removal of GST and reciprocal reductions in income tax will lower land prices and bring more land onto the market thus getting rid of underlying inflation.

Malcolm Alley said...

Isn't it ironic that the hard work my great uncle did to help secure friendship between New Zealand and China (and hence trade) has been thwarted by a deal designed to do the reverse. Wasn't John Birch, whose ideals are today supported by big business in the US, killed in China? Refer to Claire Conner's autobiography: "Wrapped In The Flag".

Anonymous said...

Right On. I refuse to write to newspapers, simply because what ever I have to say is ignored.
don’t think my letters are particularly untopical. They most times are critical of some
political stance, which will of course be the stumbling block. When submitting letters by email
the automatic generated reply is full of twaddle about how important to receive the views of
their readership.
In respect of Kreyp’s claims about Young Maori, our reducing unemployment. more feel good BS.
Last time I looked out unemployment figures stood at 6%. What is consistently overlooked in
these statistics is the fact that approximately 25% of our population reside overseas, and of course
are Unemployed in NZ!
As for Maori. Well just a few days ago Maori TV broke the news about the 28th Maori Battalion
veteran who was deprived of his veteran’s superannuation on the specious claim he joined the
protest at Kaitaia airport a few weeks ago. I searched both Stuff and NZ Herald for their takes on
the story. Nothing! Too damaging for their toady view of our beloved government no doubt. So much
for our supposed freedom to protest. The yarn that went with the story was that he was arrested
and due to present himself in a Kangaroo Court. He didn’t for some reason, hence his arraignment
and deprivation of his means of sustenance. It is my view that man as a result of his military
service would now be aged somewhere in the vicinity of ninety years old. This appears to me to
be Red Tape running wildly out of control. It also demonstrates this governments cynical disregard
for elderly men of colour.
How many times was ‘Sir’ Graham Latimer hauled up in front of the courts on charges of tax evasion?
Each time his excuse was the same. He was just a simple Maori who didn’t understand the White Man’s
law. Obviously IRD’s innate greed was colour blind on those occasions!