Sunday, 10 January 2016

Anne Hunt complains about police behaviour to IPCA...

Yet again, the Levin Police force, has overstepped their authority and have bypassed standard operational procedures to protect their past [possibly] illegal behaviour.
Anne Hunt ex Horowhenua regional councillor lays a complaint to the IPCA... not that doing so means that action will be quickly undertaken to investigate her complaint, after all she is not the PM or Cameron Slater who get their complaints acted on even before they are actually made. But we can all hope that justice will be done...and that the polices aggressive and over the top, red necked, stupidity will at last be revealed for all to see...Here is Anne's email message
From: Anne Hunt []
Sent: Monday, 11 January 2016 7:19 a.m.
To: 'SCHWALGER, Susan (Sue)' <>; '' <>; '' <>; Grant Nicholls ( <>; 'HAUMAHA, Wallace' <>; 'PANAPA, Wayne (Wayne Ingoa)' <>; Phil Taueki ( <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>
Cc: 'Martin Cleave' <>; Bryan Bruce ( <>; 'Mike White' <>; Steven Price ( <>; '' <>; Gerard McCoy QC ( <>; Leo Watson ( <>; 'Jono Galuszka' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'Ian Wishart' <>; 'Mihingarangi Forbes' <>
Subject: Urgent IPCA complaint - Phil Taueki
Importance: High

This is to confirm that I have laid an urgent complaint with the IPCA.
Please therefore confirm that you have secured the master tape of an interview conducted with Philip Dean Taueki shortly before midnight on Wednesday 6 August, and all security footage at the Levin police station at that time.
The complaint is based on s23(4) of the Bill of Rights setting down the rights of persons detained, and this includes of everyone detained to refrain from making a statement.
It is particularly abhorrent that a well-established lay litigant due to appear in court the following morning should be woken shortly before midnight and taken out of the police cells for an interview about a matter that occurred on 23 October.
This was the day when the police responded in force with seven police vehicles because the owners had taken possession of their own building, as they are justified in doing pursuant to s57 of the Crimes Act 1961. This was also the day when three police officers including Sarn Paroli were forced to restrain a rower and her daughter who were charging at me, threatening to kill ‘that Anne Hunt’ and throwing stones that hit several of us. Mr Taueki was one of those hit by stones.
·         I should note that I have retained the letter Sarn Paroli sent to us in another matter to report the deletion of crucial CCTV footage in the Levin CBD area, when we had sought disclosure of this. This is the case where Justice Kos quashed a conviction because the police testimony was inconsistent with the amateur video footage we produced at trial. I therefore have every reason to be concerned that these latest tapes may also be destroyed.
·         I should note that I am the author of “The Foxton Murder”. The Gibson Group used my book as the basis for an episode in the series “Bungay on Murder”. The thrust of that book was the suppression of a confession to murder obtained from a person in custody under duress. The head of police criminal investigations at the time, Detective Chief Superintendent Mal Churches said the police had studied the Court of Appeal decision quashing a murder conviction and all police officers informed of its implications. Matters raised by the court would be included in police training and refresher courses. Since then BORA has been enacted.
·         Mr Taueki features in the television series Kaitiaki Wars which is currently screening on Maori Television. The opening episode features Mr Taueki’s arrest on obstruction and resistance charges after he parked his vehicle on his own land to prevent Horizons and NIWA launching unwashed boats on this privately-owned lake. Then Area Commander Pat Handcock referred this matter to the IPCA and these charges were withdrawn.
Please do not contact Mr Taueki.
His latest incarceration for 48 hours was based on a complaint of a bail breach by a prosecution witness. A witness has come forward to challenge these allegations.
Mr Taueki has no reason whatsoever to trust any member of the police force, and does not want them communicating with them in any way.
Anne Hunt

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