Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Tea Party that had nothing to do with freedom.

If you believe in fair play, if you believe in honesty, if you believe in democracy, if you believe in community and social norms…then you will support ‘Bradley Ambrose’ in his quest to sue the PM…put simply the PM called for the press [media] to attend his PR cup of tea with John Banks the failed Act MP and ex-mayor of Auckland.
When the idiotic event was accidentally recorded, and the public learned how stupid and unintelligent the conversation was…Key panicked called in the police…and tried his best, assisted by the police to shut down the massive leak of childlike stupidity and political ignorance...  

As usual he expected the media to obey his dictatorial edict…but in Bradley Ambrose he was confronted with a journalist with real integrity and a embeded belief in reporting what was actually said…rather than Key’s later doctored PR version. 

Please read the blog below…and if you can help in any way please do so…

Seriously folks if Bradley Ambrose fails…who will be next on the PM’s hit list…remember on his side he has key members of the Police, GCSB, SIS, Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, etc. and he is aided and abetted by Mike Hosking, Paul Henry, TV3 and TV One, etc. none of which these days contain any journalists of great or proven integrity as they once did. 

While Bradley has only you and I, and his proven honesty and integrity to combat Keys misuse of public funds to defend his absolutely outrageous claims… I strongly recommend that you check out the reference below…  

  The nasty look on Keys face in the photo above taken at the public event where the press were invited says it all...seeing that face would you let him near your daughter if she had a pony-tail...and was this the same cafe where he pulled a pony tail of a Waitress.

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