Thursday, 17 March 2016

TPPA's Road-show SEAN PLUNKET tongue flaps.

Hair pulling PM Key and Bully-boy chubby Sean Plunket once again form a tag team.

Keys good buddy over-weight Sean Plunket was yet again back in the news via his so-called chairmanship of the TPPA Christchurch TPPA road-show… Check out this:

This simply proves what a twit he is…and always has been...his behaviour is well known in the media world, so how he was hired to do the M/Cs job with the TPPA Roadshow is astounding but we should have expected it after the PM has to pay him in some form or other...its not unlike bribing the Saudi Arabian millionaire with tax-pays money [12 million dollars and rising], or gifting a fortune to Sky City or donating the Hollywood, or kissing Obama's backside...

After viewing the above I remembered that I wrote a blog a while ago about the same idiot and his good mate Key when they attempted to have a go at yet another woman who was in the public news at the time: Plunket hasn’t changed or developed any manners and his tongue is still two minutes ahead of his brain…here is my blog from back then [January 2015]. History repeats itself especially when bullshit is involved...


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