Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Flags Pony Tails and all that stuff.

Protesters outside PNGHS Thursday 3rd March 2016 [photo wheeler]

Prime Minister John Key was in his absolute seventh heaven when he visited PNGHS and was confronted by pony tails of the highest order…it seemed that every woman wanted to put on display their pony tail for his royal inspection and expert consideration.

Even a female police Officer acting as a security officer was flapping her pony tail about. Some teachers too were putting on a startling display of their very touchable hair locks…and any observer would have agreed that light fingered Key did well to keep his hands in his pockets. He was aided by his dolefully obeisant escort list MP 'Jono Naylor' who stayed close and ready to leap on the PM if he suddenly failed to resist that perpetual and often poorly controlled mad emotional urge or inclination he has, to stroke the ever tempting free flowing golden locks of some poor innocent PNGHS student / teacher or even policewoman or waitress.

It was also noticeable that his GCSB protection team kept him well clear of the temptation that dragged him into the shady [shoddy] world of Auckland waitresses tantalizing and beguiling flowing pony tail attractions.

According to the Manawatu Standard       

“Chants of "don't change the flag" and "hide your ponytails girls" could be heard from protesters during Prime Minister John Key's visit to Palmerston North Girls' High School. 

Key visited the school on Thursday morning to speak to the female students about leadership, following their dreams and working hard. 

The small crowd of protesters gathered outside the high school gates with the New Zealand flag, anti-TPPA banners and a selection of chants. 

Protester TeAo Pritchard said some of the protesters gathered to show the Prime Minister their disgust in the government signing the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement. 

Others wanted show their support for the New Zealand flag, coinciding with the start of the voting period for the flag referendum.

Pritchard said the millions of dollars spent on the flag referendum should be spent on helping Kiwi children in need of food and education.

"This flag referendum is a waste of money and it's money that our children need." 

Protesters were at their most vocal as Key was welcomed onto school grounds.

Protester Sue Pugmire said it was a way to share Kiwi voices on matters which directly impacted the public.

"It's about democracy. It's about people being able to give opinions and have a say."

Pritchard said the biggest thing was raising public awareness about important issues which people knew little about.

She has organised fortnightly workshops to allow people to come together in discussion.

At a press conference Key said he hoped New Zealanders would vote in the referendum. 

"It's a one in a generation chance to choose. If you don't chance the flag and that's the majority view, I'll absolutely respect that. But you won't easily get another chance to do that." 

Key spoke to the Palmerston North Girls' High students at an assembly and gave them advice on working hard to achieve their goals. 

He also appeared in selfies with many of the students and spoke to head girl Amber Joseph about her future ambitions at university”. MS report ends.

It would seem that Palmerston North Girls High school came out of the PM’s PR visit unscathed, and unharmed. And this was good news especially for those with pony tails.

It would appear that the PM never works in Parliament on a Thursday instead he does PR visits, all other MP's are required to work on a normal working day which Thursday is when parliament is sitting...what a great job, three day working week and every third week spent in Hawaii...

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Gordon McShean said...

I heard that the Prime Minister, hearing about the Palmerston North's reputation as a superior equestrian centre, requested that he might visit the facilities - and that the cruelty to animal folks succeeded in keeping him away, citing concern for ponies' welfare...!