Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Democrats turn in the limelight.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz sacked Chairperson.

Democrat party fails to represent democracy

It’s not just men who play dirty politics, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a example of dirty politic personified in the US. She did everything she could to create an unlevel playing field for the campaign of Bernie Sanders to be the nominated Democrat party nomination for president of the United States.

She cooked the books, allowed false information to be fed to the media so as to negate the overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton’s rival during the nomination campaign. Her job as chairperson was to ensure fairness.
Put simply and in language easily understood she rigged the nomination campaign to suit Hillary Campaign at the expense of Burnie Sanders. Her efforts were without doubt boosted by funding from Clinton's Wall Street banksters and manipulator friends.

We here in NZ have seen the outcomes of a dirty politics campaign; we’ve seen the rise and fall of Cameron Slater, Jason Ede or Simon Lusk and others like Paul Henry, Mike Hosking and many others who fed off the black arts that create fear and division amongst communities.
Michelle Obama saved at least in part the human aspect of US politics by referring back to family in her speech to the Democrat convention. You can listen to it here:

Compare that effort by Michelle Obama to that made by Donald Trump’s wife…who ironically used Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008 as the mainstay of her effort.

The US election is still months away and the US electorate still has to be convinced by either of the two major parties. There appears to be a massive number of Americans who detest both candidates. Many see Donald Trump as a real risk and see Hillary Clinton as a lackey of Wall Street and a trigger happy creator of wars. Neither has actually discussed new policy both have been in many respects creations of the corrupt America media.

We should be glad that we have at least some control over money spent on election campaigns. But money rules the world these days yet people still believe that democracy can prevail. Well shall see if we are strong enough prevail, revolutions take time and anger and depression but often social revolution is the only path forward.

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