Monday, 18 July 2016

Donald Trump Pauline Hanson give politics a bad name

Tomorrow in the US Donald Trump will buy himself a week’s publicity at his party nomination / confirmation weird bonanza Hollywood produced and staged presentation of unity etc. etc.

Donald Trump the hate author and despiser of all things Mexican, a multi bankrupted and tax avoider and draft dodger, employer of cheap imported labour, failed husband and accused rapist, will stand and shout…I am your savior, I will make America great again!

The US media and especially Fox News…will give momentum his amplified hate talk, his racist dribble, his wall building absurdity. His fundamental unintelligent rants on the value of women in society and lastly his totally corrupted business practices.
His KKK following will load their guns and plan how to put those cheeky blacks in their rightful place without police raising a hand against them.

His friends in high places will be busy working out how to introduce more Ponzi schemes to rip off the locals, their friends and enemies…greed has no boundaries.

I don’t doubt that our PM will planning a round or two of golf with Trump. Key is great at hedging his bets, he made a career out of it…hedging his bets that is.

We in our own part of the world have held an election in Australia, and a good old fashion racist, homophobic idiot got elected… Australia has elected the Australian equivalent to the Republicans Michele Bachmann, a good old fashioned white racist, with their own strange weirdo come nutcase Pauline Hanson.

I received an email from Dion Martin relating to a wonderful Australian singer Peter Hicks who has visited NZ many times over the last few years. In fact his last visit was for the 2016 May Day Concert held in Palmerston North.  
Pauline Hanson.
This from Peter;
I’m trying to put the "finishing touches" to the new CD....sounding really good...I have to say our best work so far...a little more polished etc...

There's a lot of hullaballoo about Pauline Hanson around Aussie for good reason......anyway Geoff Francis wrote this song over 10 years ago and I was hoping never to have to sing it again...but we have redone it and it is on sound cloud but have attached an mp3.  If you want to like and share the soundcloud thing I am sure that'd be appreciated by your friends as there is probably no shortage of racist hate mongers on your side of the ditch - just this one (Pauline Hanson) is particularly vile...

And here’s the youtube version:

I thought I should share this with you because of the mad man [Donald Trump] is going to capture the news headlines over the next week…the US version of Pauline Hanson in drag. And he is meant to be a billionaire…who pays little or no tax…a smooth guy with the ladies, but who can’t keep a wife…enjoy the song I think is great…and I hope it takes your mind off what Donald Trump that American intellectual might spout over the coming days...

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Anonymous said...


Hot air and Blarney is dirt cheap Deeds not Words are all that counts. What does the 10% at the top know about being homeless or living in cars, going to bed hungry and all the other associated ills on a Neoliberal state? Much less care. Douglas and Co destroyed our training schemes along with most everything else. Before they came to prominence, there was FULL EMPLOYMENT! What could be found wrong with that? Overnight almost everyone was made redundant and had to apply for their jobs all over, with unheard of rubbish such as Employment Contracts. Unions,? GONE. All except Employers’ Federations, Farmers’ Federations and all the rest of the safe havens for the bludgers at the top. The fuss that currently surrounds the cost of the Super Gold Card is a case in point. We continue to pay tax on taxes.
Local Authority Rates The Taxation component of Motor Fuel, plus the six cents per litre initiated by Clark all those years ago ‘to help Auckland’ Auckland is our biggest city isn’t it big enough to stand on its own feet? The majority of Auckland Electorates in the Parliament
see to it that anything that favours Auckland receives a Block Vote ensuring whatever the measure is passed without question, irrespective of the effect on the rest of the country. The present crises in Auckland are mute testimony to the managerial skills of successive Auckland Councils Sadly the disease is spreading Southwards as more and more elected Numb Skulls see opportunities for feeding their innate greed.