Friday, 1 July 2016

My Government is honest...yeah right

Is truth a thing of the past?
Will we ever be told the truth?
When will truth prevail?

An interesting bit of strange behaviour has made the intentional misinformation programme of the government is in fact an instructed process ordered by the Cabinet and Prime Minister…the flow of misinformation from various government departments, CYF, Police, Defence, Roading, Finance, Education is growing daily and must lead to huge doubts about the legitimate and factual nature of information supplied for public consumption. It will also appear that the main stream media buys into this anti-democratic behaviour, in fact they may well be a vital part of giving government departments an easy way out of explaining away their joint lying.      

Sent: Thursday, 30 June 2016 7:01 p.m.
Subject: FW: Official Information Act Response
I asked the NZ Treasury if they had read the IMF June 2016 report which stated that the IMF had oversold Neo-liberalism. Treasury said they could not find the report. Given that they could not find the IMF report they have been unable to inform the Minister of Finance as to the IMF report and its contents.

You can find the report on Google or click the following link:

I have replied to the Treasury giving them the link. I am now awaiting their response. I suppose that after 34 years of neo-liberal advice saying you oversold your policy advice could be difficult.
Here is the Treasury reply…yes it really is…

From: Bronwyn Bell [TSY] [] On Behalf Of Ministerial Services Inbox [TSY]
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:51
Subject: Official Information Act Response

A response is attached regarding your Official Information Act Request.

Kind Regards

B Bell

Bronwyn Bell - Ministerial Coordinator - Ministerial Advisory Service
The Treasury - Kaitohutohu Kaupapa Rawa
Tel: +64 4 917 6951

The reference below is where the information resides, that the treasury could not locate…it is amazing the government spends millions of millions of tax payers dollars on IT systems and it somehow can’t connect to the IMF my grandson could have found it...

When this absolutely idiotic imbecilic behaviour is added to the latest proven and admitted lies stated by the Minister of Finance [Bill English] regarding the costs relating to the maternity leave extension bill… it makes one wonder that these mistakes or deliberate behaviours are actually part of a an official plan to bull-shit the public. You decide…It sounds just like a Steven Joyce / Judith Collins / Paula Bennett project...

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Gordon McShean said...

I'd recently made a comment somewhere else that neoliberalism might possibly be a political force similar to communism or fascism in having started with promoters of good intent, only to have their principles compromised by power-seeking forces. The one apparent difference appeared to be the secretive nature of the new force; there seems to be few public assertions of neoliberal righteousness or attempts to organize armed support groups. Their initiatives are difficult to identify (they even seem to be able to conceal their "movement" by deflecting questions quite innocently - as evidenced in your difficulty obtaining relevant, routine ministerial missives)! Perhaps we'd feel safer if we were able to identify their presence by recognizing rowdy marchers wearing armbands?