Saturday, 24 June 2017

Is telling fibs the in thing nowdays.

Why did English lie? Why did English not front-up to his old boss John Key, was he scared or simply being a chicken?
“The clandestine taping of an employee by Government MP Todd Barclay has resulted in a secret payment from former Prime Minister John Key’s leader’s budget to make the issue go away”. 
Melanie Reid
Melanie Reid is Newsroom's lead current affairs and investigations journalist, she went on to write:
“Current Prime Minister Bill English knew about the payment and the bugging — and National Party board members and the Parliamentary Service also knew about the secret recordings.
Barclay’s former electorate agent Glenys Dickson was paid the hush money after learning of the dic-taphone left running in the Gore office and then engaging an employment lawyer.
Police who investigated whether illegal recording had occurred closed the case without being able to speak to Barclay and without seeking search warrants to obtain the dic-taphone or transcripts from the office or his home”.
I don’t think we may ever find out just why Key shut English down and ordered the payment to Glenys Dickson [pictured]… but I’ve no doubt it was to protect Key from exposure to a police investigation after Key forced the police to investigate a photo-journalist who without permission recorded his PR public chat to wee John Banks the then ACT leader…
The police at the time suddenly raided Radio NZ, TV three and TV One’s studios in an effort to stop the Banks Key conversation becoming public.
Commentators at the time stated that this was clearly Key using his so-called power to stop the truth coming out. Remember Key had already replaced the GCSB boss with his own man and later made the dumped ex GCSB boss governor-general.
Melanie Reid Newsroom's lead current affairs and investigations journalist, she went on to write
“Conversations thought to have been recorded included sensitive health issues raised with Dickson by women constituents.
Barclay, the MP for Clutha-Southland and Parliament’s youngest MP have repeatedly sought to downplay allegations that he secretly recorded Dickson.
However, a Newsroom investigation into the MP’s conduct — including an interview with Dickson, speaking publicly for the first time since her resignation — has produced new information about the first-term National MP.
- Barclay denied to members of his electorate there had been recording of Dickson, and about being approached by police.
- English knew Dickson had been recorded by Barclay and spoke to her about it, despite telling media he had not been directly involved in any discussions.
To listen to and watch Newsroom’s brilliant coverage go to: 
Seriously I really cannot find any logical reason for English to lie or deny what took place unless it was to cover for his old boss, who often lied his way out of damaging situations for example the ‘Hair pulling saga’. Maybe English agreed to cover Key’s backside so long as Key supported his [English] becoming leader of the National Party.
We must not forget that English was the worst ever beaten leader [21%] and Key simply detested ‘losers’.
Of course the fact that a big headed tobacco salesman is pulling out of politics is no great loss…I mean honestly who has ever heard about Todd [Phillip Morris] Barclay…The truth is that the deep-south electorate Clutha-Southland is so true blue National that if a two headed goat stood for them it would win with a massive majority.

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